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  1. @linuxgurugamer moding God I've noticed that after initial aboard sequence the second "parameter" won't kick in in full - it would show animation of opening top of the spike to jettison the LAS but that's it - it won't trigger the action group. Action group works as it can be triggered by pressing button on keyboard and it works perfectly. I've noticed it works at the first time when game is loaded and then it would stop - initial aboard sequence work all the time. Any chance you could look into it as i would love to forget about manual LAS and have piece of mind every time I'm launching somet
  2. Thank you for brilliant support (as always!) @linuxgurugamer
  3. Having exactly the same issue - it worked once then only LCDs stays on screen - mod is full functional (if you know where to click) @linuxgurugamer need your help on this our MODMASTER. Thanks
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