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  1. Well if you're running 1.9.1 just fine, these mods should work on 1.10.1 too. There aren't many differences for modding from 1.9.1 to 1.10.1 I think (maybe there are none because every 1.9.1 mod I have also works in 1.10.1) . Maybe before loading your main save, create a quick sandbox and check if everything is working if you're worried.
  2. Why aren't you running 1.10.1? Kopernicus for 1.9.1 and 1.10.1: https://github.com/R-T-B/kopernicus/releases
  3. Are you using any other planet mods? OPM works fine, but idk about Galaxies Unbound and stuff. What version of Kopernicus are you running?
  4. I use AVP and don't have that problem on 1.10.1. So I think it might be a mod conflict or something.
  5. Not that Jool with AVP looks bad, but this Jool looks miles better imo. It would be so awesome to see GU, AVP and OPM working together.
  6. Will this be compatible with the OPM or is it intended to use GU as a standalone expansion? This looks really good!
  7. Now it works. I didn't install the SoundtrackEditor Mod. Thank you for this mod!
  8. Hi! Where do I put the music pack? I can't find any music folder or anything?
  9. Hi So I've been enjoying this mod so far but I still haven't figured out how to see the radiation belts in my game. is this even possible? OK FIGURED IT OUT. NO NEED TO APPROVE ANYMORE
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