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  1. As for stock, the mod calculates part's drag cube using a built-in KSP API called "DragCubeSystem.RenderProceduralDragCube(Part p)". A drag cube describes all aerodynamics of a part. It's very likely that the rendering process will take account of part's shape, but I haven't researched the difference bettwen calculated drag cubes using custom shaped parts and stock parts' ones.
  2. 01010101lzy是你吗?我看你在spacedock发的mod了,不错哦。 不过好像并不是尺寸无限制,发射之后 还是有40的限制,厚度限制是4 Translation: are you 01010101lzy? I think the mod you posted on spacedock is pretty good. But it does not seem to be unlimited in size. After launch, there is still a size limit of 40 and a thickness limit of 4
  3. offset有什么影响吗? 最开始做的时候是没有动offset的,会导致拖动一个黄色手柄会导致另一个一起动, 加之要做偏移转轴的全动翼,索性就改成了现在的模式。 Translation: Does it have any side effect?At the beginning, offset is not being modified, which would cause two yellow handles to move together when dragging. In addition, to make a full-moving wing with an offseted axis, I simply changed to the current way.
  4. v1.0.0B Attachable all-moving wings, compatibility with OpenGL / Mac This is my edit based on @Jebman82 's v1.0.0 B9PW, released under MIT license Tested on Windows KSP1.9.1 and KSP1.10.1 New Feature   1. You can now attach all-moving wings to all-movings, and they will share the same deflection if their rotaion axis are aligned Improvement   1. Reducing sm target for compatibility with OpenGL / Mac, this fix was removed in v1.0.0 Demonstration Changelog Download Source
  5. Actually I created a PR in jrodrigv/B9-PWings-Fork by mistake, but got it wrong in Fridays reply here, so I need to close the PR there and create a new one in your repo?
  6. Hey I added some handle gizmos to the mod, and also numeric input support. I created a pull request in your container Rafterman82/B9-PWings-Fork ,but the request automatically went to Crzyrndm/B9-PWings-Fork, why?
  7. I was not able to re produce the bug, can you provide some screenshots, or maybe a video, please?
  8. As I see this mod is ready, someone of moderators please help me move the topic to Release subforum?
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