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  1. As for stock, the mod calculates part's drag cube using a built-in KSP API called "DragCubeSystem.RenderProceduralDragCube(Part p)". A drag cube describes all aerodynamics of a part. It's very likely that the rendering process will take account of part's shape, but I haven't researched the difference bettwen calculated drag cubes using custom shaped parts and stock parts' ones.
  2. 01010101lzy是你吗?我看你在spacedock发的mod了,不错哦。 不过好像并不是尺寸无限制,发射之后 还是有40的限制,厚度限制是4 Translation: are you 01010101lzy? I think the mod you posted on spacedock is pretty good. But it does not seem to be unlimited in size. After launch, there is still a size limit of 40 and a thickness limit of 4
  3. offset有什么影响吗? 最开始做的时候是没有动offset的,会导致拖动一个黄色手柄会导致另一个一起动, 加之要做偏移转轴的全动翼,索性就改成了现在的模式。 Translation: Does it have any side effect?At the beginning, offset is not being modified, which would cause two yellow handles to move together when dragging. In addition, to make a full-moving wing with an offseted axis, I simply changed to the current way.
  4. v1.0.0B Attachable all-moving wings, compatibility with OpenGL / Mac This is my edit based on @Jebman82 's v1.0.0 B9PW, released under MIT license Tested on Windows KSP1.9.1 and KSP1.10.1 New Feature   1. You can now attach all-moving wings to all-movings, and they will share the same deflection if their rotaion axis are aligned Improvement   1. Reducing sm target for compatibility with OpenGL / Mac, this fix was removed in v1.0.0 Demonstration Changelog Download Source
  5. Actually I created a PR in jrodrigv/B9-PWings-Fork by mistake, but got it wrong in Fridays reply here, so I need to close the PR there and create a new one in your repo?
  6. Hey I added some handle gizmos to the mod, and also numeric input support. I created a pull request in your container Rafterman82/B9-PWings-Fork ,but the request automatically went to Crzyrndm/B9-PWings-Fork, why?
  7. I was not able to re produce the bug, can you provide some screenshots, or maybe a video, please?
  8. As I see this mod is ready, someone of moderators please help me move the topic to Release subforum?
  9. ControlC stores the part shape and materials, and when you edit another part, control V to load it to current part. ControlF is another thing, which directly copies shape and materials to the part your mouse is pointing at
  10. That's exactly where the problem is. There's a RealFuelsPatch included in the mod. To solve it I added an "AFTER[ProceduralParts]" tag after "NEEDS". It worked! Edit: Maybe I should change AFTER[ProceduralParts] to AFTER[RealFuels]
  11. Currently not possible to blend them, I'll see if I can add a coefficient between area and volume
  12. All mesh works are done within a MeshBuilder class, I am currently in the process of making it easier to expand, I'm uploading latest projects to https://github.com/CarnationRED/CarnationREDFlexibleParts
  13. Thread of the Month April 2020 Created by CarnationRED Inspired by SimplePlanes' fuselage parts. Designed for limitless shape construction. _________________________________________________________________ KottabosGames' Introduction Video Features Change sections width, height and radius Save/Load section shape presets Various shape modifications CRFP Creator: Pick any 3 or 4 points in scene to create a panel, with surface/edge/vertex snap options Edit with gizmos and/or GUI Quick copy shape and materials using Ctrl+F or Ctrl+C/V Select individual textures or choose one of texture presets Fuel tank switch GIF Demonstrations Manual UI Press F or right-click to open up UI panel, hotkey is defined in CRFPSettings.cfg When adjusting radius, hold: Shift: link all 8 radius Alt: link current with its opposite at the other end Ctrl: link all radius at the same end Negative radius will not be effected by aspect ratio More details: Handle Gizmos Fast way to tweak length, twist, top/bottom size and corner radius Press F to activate, hotkey is defined in CRFPSettings.cfg Copy shape fast using Ctrl+F (see demostration above), note that linked section won't copy Copy shape using Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V RMB to switch between parts, parameters in UI panel will also be updated CRFP Creator With this tool you're able to create panel parts easily Click at the upper right corner of UI panel to open, the Creator panel shows up, click to start Created part will try to exactly match those 3 or 4 points you selected. Textures Texture Browser Used to select individual textures, usually for texture try out Click one of texture names to open Enter a letter to start search F5 to refresh, up/down arrow key to navigate “Convert to normal map” option is experimental, which won’t overwrite the texture file Miscellaneous To reload cfg settings, press "=" and "-" when Part Settings memu is opened. Compatibility Compatible with KSP 1.8.x-1.9.x Compatible with FARc, RealFuels, Procedural Parts Known Issues Parts position go wrong when editing mirror symmetry part Custom texture lost during loading Bottom texture is stretched when Tilt Bottom is not 0 Wrong part movement when changing both Tilt and Twist (detach+attach is a temporary solution) Sometimes when copying part, handle gizmos also get copied with the cpoied part Changelog Download from GitHub Download from SpaceDock Source Code License: DDSLoader library by @sarbian (released under MIT license) If you like it, consider buying me a cup of coffee
  14. This mod enables you to control propellers' pitch in flight to get better performance or switch to autofeather to reduce drag, as well as automatically limit rotor's output to save electric charge. Updated to support KSP1.9.0 Add support to all propeller blades and heli blades Note: The new blade pitch control in KSP1.9.0 won't work well if you enable this plugin in flight. Servo rotors are not supported by the mod. Usage: Press "=" to toggole control in flight. Use throttle to control rotor's rpm, rotor's output limit is controlled by plugin if enabled. You can change target AOA in propellers' PAW(part action window) Dependencies: ModuleManager Breaking Ground DLC Download: Download from spacedock Download on CKAN License: MIT Source code: https://github.com/CarnationRED/FanAOAnRotorTorque Changelog: 0.3 Update to support KSP1.9.0, note that the new blade deflection control featrue in 1.9 won't work well if this plugin enabled Add support to propeller blades and heli blades Bugfixes MOD renamed 0.21 License file added. Readme added. Corrected archive hyhierarchy
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