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  1. When I upgraded from 2.0.1 to 3.1.1, the connection node on the upper side of the KH standard parts disappeared. It seems that some settings such as node_stack_hm-top have stopped working. Unable to connect OPT H Mounted Nose. Is it possible to fix it?
  2. In the hangar, Is it possible to change to be able to manipulate the IntakeAtm? I am trying to make a spaceplane that can land vertically on MUN, but it is difficult to adjust because the center of gravity fluctuates depending on the remaining amount of Intake Atm. If I know how to set resources, I can handle it myself, but at present, I don't know how to do it, so I find it difficult.
  3. The internal display of the OPT K 3m Crew Compartment is strange. Please correct it. Reference video : https://youtu.be/6U7Vjcdha0g
  4. J parts have "Heat Resistant Nose". Are there any plans to add Nose to Stail parts as well?
  5. I'm using KSP 1.9.1. I loaded Thor_Tech-, but ”DeepSky/ThorTech/Parts/RATs/dstt_RAT_mk2” on the loading screen is taking a long time. Will it take long time without Deep_Sky_Core-3.1.0?
  6. Is it compatible with version 1.8.1? The UI does not come out even if the icon is pressed. Is the screen displayed at the push of a button?
  7. There is a bug. When launching, it will be installed in the sky. It is difficult to reproduce, but it can be blown off at very high speeds. This behavior occurs when you use one of the following parts. ・OPT J Deployment Bay ・OPT J Inline Large Docking Port Could you tell me how to stop this phenomenon?
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