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  1. Actually, the last thing I want from this mod is white variants for the 3.75 meter fuel tanks
  2. Would be cool to have a 3.75 meter reaction wheel and a flat 3.75 - 2.5 meter adapter
  3. It would be cool to have a shrouded variant for the Soviet reentry pods. Would make it a whole lot easier to make Soyuz replicas
  4. How about a black variant for the 1.25 meter engine plate?
  5. Is the ICPS (with the Orion) supposed to only have a TWR of 0.35 in vacuum?
  6. I did a Jool probe (in sandbox). didn't manage to do all the things I had planned, but I would say it was a success! https://imgur.com/gallery/VXt5V7G
  7. Will you revamp the Cheetah and Bobcat from Making History? I would also love to see some revamps of the mk2 pod or the soviet style pods, and the M.E.M as well.
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