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  1. Thanks for this mission. Will try it out at home. Hope it still works lol
  2. Thank you very much :). Ok will have a look. thanks for the link
  3. It is working. i had to run it as admin
  4. Hey guys. Thanks a lot for your answer. Yeah i forgot to mention, it is the download version, not the steam version. It looks like ckan only works with steam?? Damien
  5. Hello everybody. Hope that I am posting in the right Topic. I've started a few days ago with KSP and I really like it. Also did my 1st orbit. I know for some of you, this is nothing, but I was really happy about it. Are there some must have mods for the game? Some mods that could help newbies or some good recommended mods? Thanks a lot. Damien
  6. Hey guys. Thank you very much for your replies :). Yeah i like to watch gameplays ect. i started to watch the tutorial videos from scott. Think that will help a lot .
  7. Hello everybody. My Name is Damien and I am new here :). Glad to join the community. Are there some good tutorials to learn KSP? The tutorials on the homepage are from the older version, so i am pretty sure things have improved since there Stay save. Damien