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  1. First of all , fantastic mod, really amazing. Using with outerplanets mod. Its stunning Quick question, since its not currently up to date with the jool revamp, is there a way i can remove the mod's retexture of jool? i happen to like the stock jool Many thanks.
  2. **EDIT** turns out my module manager was messed . I reinstalled it and all works fine. My bad. Apologies for not checking this
  3. Hello, i am suddenly getting the same issue that i have said in a previous post. My installations are still correct FYI. Recovery controller no longer works despite FMRS and Stage recovery working fine. I also re installed ZeroMiniAVC but that didnt fix it. Please could you help? Here is my log file Many Thanks
  4. Hello, this mod is fantastic, but the LSS Status (life support screen) says it is not installed. Do i need to install the TAC Life support mod? or is there a different mod i need to install for it. Thanks!
  5. Ive checked and i have the latest versions installed correctly. please note, both these mods work fine, its just the recovery controller as stated before.
  6. Hi, im guessing this doesn't yet work for 1.10.1. If not, do you know when it will be ? My issue is that when i right click the decouplers, the button for changing recovery type isnt there. FYI i havn't included a log file as i think its because the Mod isnt yet updated, however i can give it to you if needs be. thanks
  7. Thankyou ! I actually realised like 30 mins after posting, but i appreciate the reply
  8. I have a weird thing going on with my new space station. When i put SAS in prograde, and then go into IVA mode on any of my kerbals, the SS starts spinning until it stops in a particular position. FYI, this doesn't happen with my other space station. Any Suggestions?