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  1. @AkatsukiMana Thanks, but unfortunately those suggestions haven't worked for me. I've created a new KSP directory and am in the process of re-adding all of my mods, a few a time. Maybe I can figure out how to get around the problem... Much obliged!
  2. I've been running 1.12 using CKAN - used it to install as many mods as possible including Tweakscale. Today, when I try to launch KSP I get an error that Interstellar Redist.dll must be in the GameData folder, but when I move it there, I get an error that Tweakscale can't find the required .dlls. Both errors are showing up as show-stopper errors (the dreaded "Houston, we have a problem" message on the splash screen). I've uninstalled and re-installed using both CKAN and manually, following the directions in the install file. I've downloaded Tweakscale from both CurseForge and Spacedock. In the interest of full disclosure, when I first opened CKAN today, it prompted me to update one of the installed mods, which I did before launching KSP and starting to get these errors. I'm fairly certain it was ZeroMiniAVC, and I tried uninstalling it but there was no change. Yeah, I know: sucks to be me. Any possible suggestions will be welcome.
  3. Well, I usually plan my missions with a ~10% margin, and in that particular instance it was a major annoyance: it had taken me about an hour of fiddling with the various widgets to set up a single node that would get me to within 5 km of the target, and after all of that effort I ended up with a separation of more than 11,000 km. Plus, using more fuel for the course correction really made for a skin-of-the-teeth completion.
  4. Doing course corrections is how I've been doing it ... I hadn't thought of first establishing such a high orbit, then committing to a maneuver that would be so much smaller a fraction of the orbital period. Thanks, I'll have to give that a try.
  5. Thanks; I was actually being facetious - I like to try to inject some humor or whatever in my titles to generate interest/curiosity. I'm somewhat familiar with Einstein's work, but that's a story for another space/time. From a gameplay perspective, if what you say is correct than it seems like that amount of error makes it much more difficult to make those planetary transfers than I'd anticipate. I don't have much experience w/ nuke engines, but since they have such low TWR and require exceptionally long burns, I'm not sure how to account for this - shorter burns that result in multiple orbits until one gets to a point where a short burn will finally let the ship escape Kerbin's (or another planet's) SOI and be on it's way?
  6. I've noticed something odd and am not sure if it's something I'm doing or if anyone else has seen this: it seems as though during particularly long burns, whether w/ chemical or nuclear engines, that the burn time indicator seems to slow down significantly. For example, last night I set up an asteroid intercept that should've gotten me to within about 5km of my target. It used a single Mainsail engine, and ran for nearly 4 minutes. Once I started the burn, I set a timer for 3 minutes at the 3 min/4 sec mark . When my timer went off there was still more than 20 seconds of burn time to go, rather than the expected 4 seconds. When the burn completed, I was more than 11,000 km off from my target. I tried it a few more times, using both MJ2 maneuver utility and manually, with the same result. I was able to see that the seconds on the burn time indicator at some point began ticking down much slower than the other timers. I saw this in earlier attempts to make planetary xfers using nuclear engines and thought it was my imagination, or something I'd set incorrectly, but now I'm not so sure. Thoughts from the hive mind?
  7. It's pretty much the same concept as putting one up around the Kerbin/Mun/Minmus system, with the added complication of making successful planetary xfers. It depends on how ambitious you are with your station design. I've tried two strategies with mixed success: 1) Build the station in Kerbin orbit while waiting for the Duna xfer window to open - you have to be sure to include a point for a big ol' Xfer stage to push the whole beast to Duna and get it into orbit. You can either incorporate the Xfer stage into the design of the station, or detach and deorbit/delete it after you're done with it. 2) Send the station to Duna in pieces, get the stations' 'core' into the desired orbit and the other pieces at higher orbits, then one at a time perform a rendezvous maneuver and build the station piece-by-piece. I like to use a 'construction bot' vehicle that is way overpowered with fuel and monoprop to move the pieces into place after each rendezvous. Have fun!
  8. It kind of depends on where your typical insertion orbit is. For instance, I typically shoot for getting my ships into an orbit of ~90km. My stations are anywhere between 250 and 300km, so I can usually get to a transfer node within a few (2 - 4) orbits. When my stations are lower than that, I find I have to wait longer, or, if I'm impatient, boost to a much higher orbit to reduce the number of orbits before hitting the transfer node. Since the MJ2 maneuver node utility figures it out and will raise your altitude if your current relationship means more than a certain number of orbits before the transfer burn, there must be a formula out there that can give you a rough idea of, if your station is at X km, your ship should be at Y km to get a transfer node within Z orbits. But that formula is going to be way too much for my pretty little head.
  9. "And so began the great Orbit Wars of the Kerbin Empire."
  10. That's a pretty clean orbit ... far nicer than anything I've ever put up. But as to your question ... I suppose it depends on what you plan on using the station for. I often leave my tanks and engines available in case I want to move my stations for some reason. Only done it once, actually. I actually started launching vehicles with docking ports at both ends, so I could add the tanks to a station as a fueling depot, and dropping off the engines when I was ready to add on to that end.
  11. I'm having two issues with MJ2 that I'm hoping the community can help with: 1) The MJ button shows up along the right edge of my screen, but the drop down menu appears in the upper left corner of the screen, and I can't seem to move it. Where it is now it overlays the Warp and Time widgets, and sometimes when I click on it I also activate the Warp. Ideally I'd like it along the upper right edge, but I can't seem to find a way to move it. 2) When I do select an item from the MJ2 drop-down, I see it's window open for a moment, then it disappears. I can see one corner of the item's window in the upper left corner of my screen, and I can left-click and drag it around the screen, and as long as I'm dragging it the window is visible, but the moment I stop moving it, the window disappears (though it reappears the moment I start moving again), and when I release it, it goes back to being off-screen, with just the window's bottom right corner barely visible in the upper left corner of my screen. I've uninstalled and re-installed using CKAN multiple times without any change. This is a new directory (1.12) that I built, separate from the Steam directory. Problem Solved (2 days later): I changed my screen resolution (Settings | Graphics in the initial splash screen) then started up a game. Then, when I clicked the 'Settings' button on the MJ2 drop down, the drop down jumped to the right closer to where I wanted it, and the MJ2 utility screens appeared on screen and stayed where I wanted them. I was then able to go back to the resolution setting and play with it until I had a display that worked for me.
  12. I built a new KSP directory (1.12) and re-installed all of my mods, but I've found that a couple of IXS parts are missing their textures (below). The parts themselves still seem to work, it's just that they look like they've got onto the manufacturing floor after they got their primer coat. And not all of the IXS parts in the inventory have that same effect. Any ideas as to what files are missing and where they might be?
  13. Thanks for taking the time to put all of that together for me. I'm afraid I've run into some problems: Step 5: delete the instance from CKAN ... I couldn't find a way to delete the game instance. Best I could do was rename it. Step 9: add the new copy to CKAN ... I thought I was able to get the new instance added, but when I selected it and let it refresh, it showed all of the mods had been added, even though I hadn't re-loaded them from the pack. I've not gone any further than that, although I've tried run KSP from the folder I created in Step 8 and it appeared to start up normally (no patches loaded, etc.). <update> I've moved the KSP directory to my D:\ drive (I ran into trouble with it being on the desktop and getting grief from OneDrive), but in the process of figuring that out I ended up deleting CKAN and will be reinstalling it so I can try to focus it on the new instance and re-install the mods. <update #2> So it looks like CKAN didn't capture all of the mods I'd installed, so I've just finished finding and reinstalling all of the one's that CKAN couldn't install and was it looks like I've gotten everything back into place and working, and even my saved games are available, so that's cool. The only thing I can't figure out is how to move the MJ drop-down: it's tucked into the upper left corner, right over the MET clock so that both of them drop down whenever I want the MJ menu . I've not been able to find anything online that seems to work to move it. Any suggestions?
  14. Yes, I believe they are ... I've always played from there, and until I installed the JC mod the MJ2 mod and others have appeared and functioned pretty much as expected. I'm on version 1.12, and have been using the recently released version of MJ2 that's supposed to be compatible. Yes, the MJ button is on the toolbar ... I've run my cursor all around the edge of the screen trying to find any trace and nothing appears anywhere, so I'm stumped as to how to get it back on screen. Embarrassing to admit, but I'm not sure which log(s) you're asking for that may be helpful, or how to make them available to you. I searched the KSP directory for 'log*' and several came up as having been updated as of yesterday (when I last started the game). And what's the best way to provide a list of installed mods? I don't see a function in CKAN to print the list with version # ... I suppose I could manually type them all out. Thanks, I appreciate your willing to look at this for me.
  15. That's what I figured, so I have Asteroid Intercept II attached to Hammer I by a klaw, and using it to make small adjustments (and yes, I suffer from a deficit of imagination). @jimmymcgoochieyou give my math skills WAY to much credit! I think I'm going to have to use @king of nowhere's suggestion and do it through the magic of time travel. One thing I found is that the path is highly inclined so it's going to pass over the Southern Ice Cap, with closest approach being somewhere just off shore (I hope). So I'm hoping to put up a couple of Ice Stations to get different angles. I didn't know that asteroids get deleted once they get too close to Kerbin ... I'm hoping that won't be the case since there's a ship attached. Thanks for reminding me of the atmo drag effects ... I'm sure I'll have to play with the approach to get it right. If I get some decent videos I'll try to edit them together into a nice montage and post it. Thanks to all of you.
  16. I found a Class C asteroid that was going to impact Kerbin, and I managed to intercept it far enough out and moved it to a close encounter - 1400 m (not Km, not Mm) from Kerbin. I've got one brave Kerbal who's going to be riding along in the shadow, and I expect Hammer I to put on a pretty show as it passes by, so I'd like to figure out where to set up one or more ground observers. Any suggestions?
  17. I had MJ2 installed and all was well. Then I installed Janitor's Closet and the next time I launched KSP the MJ2 drop down was all the way over the left, overlaying the clock and warp widgets. JC didn't appear to work (I tried both manual and CKAN installations), so I removed JC and although the MJ button appears at the bottom of the buttons on the right, the drop-down doesn't appear anywhere. I've tried uninstalling and re-installing MJ2 both manually and with CKAN and there's no change. Any suggestions would be appreciated - just remember I'm an idiot when it comes to versions and dependencies, so please be a) patient and b) specific with any instructions. "Explain it ... as you would to a child." - General Roth'h'ar Sarris
  18. Huh, I didn't think of using fuel ducts. Might be a good solution. I came up with another approach, but maybe I'll try using fuel ducts, that may give me a less massive solution. Thanks!
  19. I've got some engines attached to structural panels that are mounted inside an MK2 cargo bay. I've made sure that there isn't any obstruction and that they're active, and the staging widget shows there's plenty of dV, but the fuel level for them is empty and I get no thrust from them when I throttle them up.
  20. Yes to one and two, didn't know about #3. Thanks!
  21. I tried loading Janitor's Closet using both CKAN and manually and no buttons show up in the VAB or SPH, and the menus that are supposed to appear (according to the instructions) when you click on a part while holding 'Alt' don't appear. I've verified that the JC folder is in GameData at the same level as the other mods I've installed. Not sure what else to try.
  22. Is there an easy (or maybe semi-easy) way to tell which parts are from which mods? I've loaded several mods but there are a lot of parts that I'm not using, so I'm thinking it would be nice to be able to either remove the mods that supply those parts, or to somehow suppress them from the VAB/SPH lists. I don't want to hack the parts or change properties or functionality of them or their mods, just looking to hide the one's I don't use.
  23. My thanks to all of you for the suggestions. I've been busy and haven't had time to play for a few days, but will give all of that a try soon once real life gives me a bit of a break. I expect I'll probably be back asking for more help! <later> No apparent wheel damage or misalignment, but that was a good item to know about for future efforts. It looks like changing the Friction Control to Manual and maximizing it to 10 did the trick. I've got one reaction wheel set to Normal, and another set to SAS only (I've got both an MK2 drone core and MK2 Inline cockpit on the rover), and that corrected the problem of it doing head- and tail-stands during acceleration and deceleration. It is a far far better rover that I've built now than I've ever built before (apologies to C. Dickens). Thanks for all of the help!
  24. I have a Mun base with several craft - the main base, a couple of rovers, a fuel depot, a crane, and a couple of Orbital Utility Vehicles, all parked within a couple of hundred meters of each other. When I returned to it after doing several other missions of many days (not sure if that's relevant, but whatever...), all of the craft 'jumped' and settled, but it seemed like they jumped a lot higher than usual. The crane had tipped over, with several parts offset (they weren't built with an offset, but they were now); one of the rover wheels was significantly offset from the hinge it was connected to (I was able to use an engineer to fix it), and one of OUV's had several parts clipping thru each oth,er. In one instance when I switch to a rover, it was placed 10 or 15 meters above the surface and appeared to just hang there, never returning to the surface. Is this just some odd aspect of the game? Could it be a problem with my computer? Or what?
  25. I've tried building a number of rovers, and except for the very lightest one's it seems like I just can't get them to steer properly once I get them to the Mun. They won't accelerate in a straight line, and when I try to steer they keep side-slipping in one direction or the other. Sometimes I'll bring them to a stop on a relatively flat space, set the brake, and they start to slide in one direction or another. Any suggestions on how to build a better rover?
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