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  1. Unless there's been a pretty radical redesign they look like the NSWR and nuclear salt water tanks. They look beautiful and having a tank size smaller than 2.5m available should be really useful.
  2. As long as there's a way to keep loops separate, auto merging sounds good to me. Is it safe to assume that the mod will break any craft already in flight and should be used on a clean save?
  3. Feel free to ignore any of this that doesn't make sense, but maybe it would make sense to have it as a difficulty option like CommNet (not the mod as a whole, just access to it in flight)? If it would be too much work to implement it's definitely possible to build ships around that problem, and adding new constraints on ship designs isn't a bad thing.
  4. Just wanted to say I really appreciate all the work you've put into modding KSP over the years, it's a huge part of what's kept me coming back to the game. Are loops only going to be possible to set in the VAB/SPH or will it be possible to set them up in-flight like the new action groups? A fair number of the ships I build end up having radiators and engines in separate blocks that get docked together, and I'm curious whether that would still work with the new system you have planned.
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