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  1. Thank you I wish that most of my rockets go right
  2. Soo very true in my opinion it’s the end of a dynasty but there’s going to be a new dynasty if u know what I mean
  3. I don’t understand I’m probably rlly stupid tho. I am a kerbal after all and not a perticually bright one at that
  4. Yes (clouds) and better water(graphics) KSP will never die I won’t allow it too Plus there will probably be people who prefer the original rather than the sequel Ooh minmus taster what does minmus taste like. Personally I think it’s minty but I guess I’ll never know what it truly tastes like because I’ll die if I take my helmet off (like the guy in the recovered rover footage) so it would be great if you told me ( I realised I went on a rant sorry)
  5. Is this going to be on console too eventually? Also is KSP2 going to be on PS4 or just PS5? And thank you soo much squad for creating a game that is soooo amazing and inspiring
  6. Mistakes are valuable lessons often learnt to late - Jurassic Kerman
  7. Is KSP2 still coming to the PS4 or just the PS5? Cause I don’t want to buy a PS5 just for KSP2
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