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  1. Same also I have moved to console because I have a potato computer and I’m not going to invest in a good one
  2. Yes it does look good i can only dream of making stuff like that
  3. If you want an unmanned mission on duna and practice it also means a smaller craft and you don’t have to worry about coming back. Unless you made a mun lander that can refuel or you don’t want to go back to kerbin
  4. If you don’t know what a plasma rocket is I will tell you about it. A plasma rocket is a rocket that runs on plasma instead of chemical fuel to stop the rocket from over heating it uses magnetic fields to stop the plasma from touching the actual rocket it self. (to stop the plasma from melting the rocket) Plasma rockets are also different in the way that unlike conventional rockets they don’t need insane amounts of fuel in a normal rocket 90% of the actual rocket is fuel were as in a plasma rocket you can have up 50% of the rocket as fuel this leaves more room for bigger payloads also it would only take a plasma rocket 26days to get to mars were as current rockets it takes 7 months this would make interplanetary travel quicker and more comfortable for the crew all and all this very theatrical and confusing to make right now but yes tell me what you think and what other theatrical rockets that are possible you might like to see
  5. Yes I couldn’t remember the name at the time. Oh yeah forgot about that
  6. Yes manually or automated docking Would be fun especially for people who find docking hard or cannot be bother to dock.