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Found 2 results

  1. Welcome to our official newsletter, KSP Loading…! If you want to learn about all the current developments of the KSP franchise, then this is the place to be! And now, let’s talk about everything KSP! Kerbal Space Program Final Update on PC On June 24th, 2011, Kerbal Space Program 0.7.3 was publicly released. Back then the game looked very different with a very limited parts catalogue, no celestial objects except Kerbin which would not rotate, and not even a proper Sun, just a light source at an infinite distance. No one ever expected that this modest game, created by a small studio in Mexico City with no experience in videogames, would turn into a worldwide phenomenon that brought space exploration closer to our households. Therefore it is almost unfathomable that in a couple of weeks we will be celebrating the game’s 10th anniversary. And on that day, we are releasing Kerbal Space Program 1.12: On Final Approach, our 12th major free update! Kerbal Space Program 1.12: On Final Approach is going to be special in many ways. We are not only packing this free update with a massive amount of new content, player requests and all sorts of fixes, but it is also our thank you letter to everyone in our community who supported us along the way and made our dreams come true. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, or rather move on to the next chapter. So yes, On Final Approach is the last major planned release for Kerbal Space Program. While there may still be occasional minor updates to address bug fixes as needed, Squad’s efforts will now shift towards joining Intercept Games in the development of Kerbal Space Program 2. So what can you expect on June 24th with Kerbal Space Program 1.12: On Final Approach? We’ve already shown a couple of things in our last issue of KSP Loading, and now it is time to reveal the other main changes. So buckle up! Craft and Save Loading Improvements On Final Approach includes a huge revamp to craft and game save loading. Search, foldering, and cross-save access are added to craft loading in the editor, and search has been added to craft loading on the launchpad/runway and to the quicksave loading dialogue. This will help you to better sort out your saved craft and games, especially if you have a ton of them. This feature will also allow you to load or save craft with different game saves. Alarm Clock App One of the main features in the upcoming 1.12 update is the Alarm Clock app. With this tool, you will be able to set alarms for maneuvers, manual time alarms and alarms for various orbital positions, which will certainly come in handy for those long trips that require several burns to complete. Additionally, you will also be able to pick alarm sounds to go with your alarms, cool right? Maneuver Creator App The Maneuver Creator app is another of the main features within On Final Approach. With it, you will be able to quickly generate transfers to other celestial bodies, see upcoming transfer windows and get a good understanding of where you’re going and how much deltaV it will take to get there. This will cut down time spent fiddling with maneuver nodes and enhancing the accuracy of your space maneuvers, but you’ll need a level 3 tracking station to use it, so you’ll still need those maneuvering skills for your first visit to the Mun. Wheel Improvements Wheels have undergone major tuning. We have fixed previous issues with the stress tolerance and we have made some improvements to the suspension and friction model. Additionally, wheels now have a few new tweakable controls that will help reduce how easy it can be to flip rovers and other wheeled vehicles. 10th Anniversary Fireworks! What better way to celebrate this milestone than to launch bright and colorful fireworks into the air! With this update we will be adding two firework launchers for you to attach to your vehicles - one with 8 bursts, and one with 32 bursts. These pyrotechnic devices will also be highly configurable, with different trail and burst types for you to choose from, as well as the ability to tweak the force, the duration, star size, launch velocity, explosion delay and the colors of the fireworks at any given time. Fill up those canisters and let the party begin! New Slim Suit A brand new sleek-looking spacesuit, inspired by the feats of the private aerospace sector will be available with the upcoming update. As with the other spacesuits available in the game, the Slim Suit will be available in three different variations: black and grey, grey and orange, as well as blue and grey. This covers the main features coming in Kerbal Space Program 1.12: On Final Approach. But there are plenty of smaller ones coming in this update, check them out with us when it releases on the 24th! KSP 2 Since our last KSP Loading, we also got a preliminary glimpse at the new Kerbal Space Center to be found in Kerbal Space Program 2. It surely looks gorgeous and would make Mortimer, Gene and the rest of the KSC crew proud. Check it out if you haven’t! Remember, you can share and download craft and missions on Curse, KerbalX, the KSP Forum and the KSP Steam Workshop. That’s it for this edition. Be sure to join us on our official forums, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Stay tuned for more exciting and upcoming news and development updates! Happy launchings!
  2. Welcome to our official newsletter, KSP Loading…! If you want to learn about all the current developments of the KSP franchise, then this is the place to be! And now, let’s talk about everything KSP! Kerbal Space Program Update 1.12 on PC Coinciding with the game’s 10th anniversary, Kerbal Space Program is getting ready for its 12th major free update since its official release, and it’s going to be epic! This update will be packed with brand new content such as new parts, features, revamps, and more! Buckle up, and let’s learn about some of the content that will be included in this upcoming update. Eeloo and Pol Texture Revamps With update 1.12, our effort to revamp all the celestial bodies within the Kerbal solar system will finally come to an end. Eeloo, the distant frozen dwarf planet, and Pol, the smallest natural satellite of Jool, are now looking better than ever with new high-quality textures & shaders. Surely many astronauts will take this opportunity to revisit them and explore what lies within these remote destinations. Revamped and Rotating Docking Ports All the docking ports have gotten a well deserved aesthetic revamp. Among the bundle of requested features & quality of life additions we’re including in the 1.12 update, we are giving players the ability to rotate docking port collars added to docking ports. Lining up attached craft perfectly has never been easier! New Solar Panels This update will also include 4 brand new photovoltaic panels, including enhanced versions of the SP and OX-4 series, but also two large circular retractable solar panels with very cool deployment methods. SP-10L 1x5 Photovoltaic Panels This large retractable solar panel is an enhanced version of the SP series. With a five fold increased solar array area, the SP-10L will provide improved electrical charge generation. This solar panel also includes a case to protect this sensitive technology when it is not being used. OX-10L 1x5 Photovoltaic Panels The OX-10L 1x5 is a larger version of the OX-4 series of solar panels. It includes advanced heat radiators, and a deploying bracket to keep the panels safe when launching, although these panels are not retractable once deployed, so beware… OX-10C Photovoltaic Panels The crown jewel of the new circular retractable solar panels, the OX-10C provides a great output of electrical charge with a very decent solar array area. When folded it is compact and easy to transport, but although it deploys very graciously, it won’t retract back. SP-10C Photovoltaic Panels The SP-10C photovoltaic panel also has a circular design that folds itself on command, making it an excellent alternative if you’re looking for versatility. Ground Anchor The Ground Anchor is a brand new element in KSP, that when paired with EVA construction, will give players the ability to anchor their vessels to the ground or create a solid foundation for bases. The deployable ground anchor will work as other deployable parts, so it will have to be put into a Kerbal’s inventory and then use the deploy functionality to have it successfully anchor itself to the ground in order to build a base from. KSP 2 Kerbal Space Program 2 has also had a few developments since our last KSP Loading. For instance, last week we released the third episode of the KSP 2 feature series, which delves into Intercept Games' mission to onboard the next generation of space industry experts with new tutorials, UI/UX improvements, quality of life features, and more. Additionally, in the past few months we have released two additional dev diaries for KSP 2, including a very interesting and informative look into what a game producer actually does in the development process of a title. And, if you've ever wanted to dive into the technical side of KSP 2's development, this dev diary goes into the intricacies and challenges of drawing accurate orbits that look stellar, and how orbit tessellation turned out to be the solution to this problem in KSP 2. Finally, don’t forget to check out the Kerbal Space Program 2 - Show and Tell Highlights from February & March, where the KSP 2 team has shared some really neat footage of some of the stuff they’ve been working on recently, like new power generation modules for colonies, colony fuel factories, new engine exhaust effects, and some amusing kerbal skin experiments. Remember, you can share and download craft and missions on Curse, KerbalX, the KSP Forum and the KSP Steam Workshop. That’s it for this edition. Be sure to join us on our official forums, and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Stay tuned for more exciting and upcoming news and development updates! Happy launchings!
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