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  1. Yes, I have done it, but you need to copy your "crafts" from "kerbal space program/saves/your saved gamed/ships" folder into ""kerbal space program/saves/lunaMultiplayer/Ships" as far as i remember
  2. Hi All, First off, Been using LMP mod for few months now, and created my own server and its amazing so big thank you to the devs, Great job! On to my first challenge, I first ran the server on the same windows PC as ksp and worked great, moved it to another windows PC so it could be up 24/7 and was still good as well. But today i moved it on to my Raspberry Pi and when i connect to server my chat messages via ksp are delayed sometimes up to 5min(no big deal) but other users connected cannot see my crafts even tho i can see all users/clients crafts and they are able to crash into me, causing me to exploded and they have no damage, no doubt cause i wasn't on their screen. All other users/clients have no problem seeing each other and sync well when close, its just me they cant see. Its strange as it was fine when the server was either of my windows PCs and users/clients could see me / cause damage. I have tried removing all other mods on my pc and even reinstalling since moving to rasberry pi beside squad and luna(obviously) in case i had parts they didnt and other server users/clients still unable to see my craft but i still see them. Also tried building new crafts just in case saved ones had parts from a mod etc. Is this a issue due to running on the Pi vs windows and ksp on other computer on the same local network? I have no firewalls or that going on, so i dont think its port thing cause i am able to connect. thoughts? 2nd challenge, iv listed as dedicated server but its been few days since master server list on git was committed and doesn't list as dedicated on master server list.. Thanks so much in advanced!