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  1. In case You are using Modded Save Files(that Include New Planets):

    1:If Davian Lin's Kolyphemus System Continued Installed,then you should go there.

    2:if Poodmund's OPM Installed,you may want to go Sarnus after Jool,then Urlum,Neidon,And Plock.

    3:if Exo's MPE installed,lint-Mikey and Vant might be An Ideal Target.(Geito sound quite hard to Reach).

    that's it.(i don't know exactly the orbits of other Kind's of Planets packs,like Beyond Home,Event Horizon,Kerbol Origins,ETC)

  2. Banned for Believing that kerbiloid Didn't mispelled Precision

    i've just found out what's precession,wow...

    Banned for not saying BANNED on red.

  3. Banned for being a SpaceCraft Engineer.

    (Must be Arrested,then Interrogated for MOAR Information about Ilegal Engineers)

    (here,catloaf,Have this Rep point from me)

  4. I am From Argentina,which it's a Country where i talk in spañish.

    i have learned english for a long time on 3 Different steps:

    1)watch more than one thousands of English Videos on Youtube.

    2)learn English on School.

    3)Play (and enjoy) VideoGames in English Language.

    I can safely say that my Learning-english period has been Finished...:D(except my weird Grammar)

    -Kane Kerman-a(not so) Expert on faking a jool landing video-

  5. On 7/1/2020 at 3:48 PM, HyperSpace4242 said:


    This Picture Reminds me to something,also,it's Expensive as my Modern Launch Vehicles wow.

    7/10,seems like a Low Budget Probe(Or Robot?),However it looks Cool...:)

    On 7/1/2020 at 3:48 PM, HyperSpace4242 said:


    Mmmmm,Unfinished ehh,what could be the Final Version of this Robot?

    Edit:Oh,Looks like i accidentaly Necroposted here.Nevermind...

  6. Hello There JimTheBeet!:)

    On 7/31/2020 at 11:33 AM, JimTheBeet said:

    Coming as soon as I figure out how to post pictures.

    To upload your Pictures,you may want to read this now.(you'll Need a Imgur Account)


    not only imgur,you can also upload in another Platforms!:wink:(i don't Know how to upload on other Platforms:()

    -Kane Kerman-a(not so)Expert on how to fake a Jool Landing Video.(uhhhh)

  7. Hi guys!:)

    Im so Happy to Join this Forum!:D

    I have joined this forum in 11 of July.

    However,im NOT new on the game! i have been playing KSP for like 4 months.

    I Hope that this community keeps Surprising me a Lot!

    -Kane Kerman,a(not so) Expert on how to fake a Jool landing Video-

    *Smash the Submit Topic button*(and hopes he wont get banned)

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