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  1. Sure thing~ And, thank you for helping me out on this one~ https://ibb.co/q7dNVLN
  2. Good call~ Apparently, the Community Tech Tree was in there... I don't remember installing that though~ ANyway, I uninstalled it and now it got worse~ Hahahah~
  3. Hello~ I really like your Mod and makes the whole tech tree challenging... Uhmmm~ I think I installed one too many mods though... and now it looks like this https://ibb.co/Xpg05Wf Is there a way to make it look sorta discernable? Or would it be better to take out a few mods?
  4. we sure could use that FPS Limiter~ Late game, I'd be lucky to have like 20 FPS since my ships are massive and the Background doesn't help~
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