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  1. I am not being able to download beta versions. Is there work being done there or some other issue?! I tried 10 times but still couldn't get it!
  2. Was just curious & excited so I made one from fully stock, Hope the one in mod v6.0 looks something or way better than this! Also those side thrusters do work!
  3. Super excited for this one specially when it has been mentioned in roadmap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. The mod is great! Loved it and totally worth downloading..... I was just curious to ask if you can add cool IVA for the rover so that it doesn't look boring from inside. I mean it looks good but I think would look cool if the IVA would sort of match with the movie Either of the two would be fine/look great Thank you in advance!
  5. ikr, But it has nasa written on the back of the car
  6. I've checked the pre-release and it still doesn't work!
  7. Hello, I wanted to know that there are no lights in "new" modules like: MKS 'Atlas' Kerbitat and agriculture modules. Is it supposed to be like that or do I need to update the mod in order to get modules lit up?? Currently running on KSP v1.10.1 Mod version 1.4.1
  8. Any idea on how to make windows of the capsule lit?, I guess it might look great during space flights. It is very difficult to see landing capsule in dark!
  9. Sorry, My bad! Actually everything is explained on page 22 by @hemeac in how to get IVA for Orion capsule! @Ollz all you need is SSTU and TU and a patch file on page 22 to get an IVA for Orion capsule Get SSTU in Gamedata folder and make a .cfg file of the patch given: Name it "XYZ".cfg and place it in your KSP Gamedata, That's it!
  10. I finally found a fix to the breaking wheels! As I mentioned before in my KSP v1.10.1, the wheels kept on breaking on making a hard turn or overriding the speed limit and making a slight turn! All you need to do is playing little bit with wheels' .cfg files Just find both wheel's .cfg files which would be named "ERSWheel_FWD_Stock.cfg" and BCK In that look for "ModuleWheelDamage" and look for something like this In your file "stressTolerance" will be 900, do not change that (If you want you can) All you need is to change "impactTolerance" which in your case wi
  11. Any chances this mod will get new set of cars? This mod is insane and I absolutely love it, I guess it will be awesome if we get tesla model x from nasa and spacex!!!!
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