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  1. That takes care of the Maneuver Mode display - thanks, much appreciated! I would still like tips on the Time Mode, and also on some way to make the altitude reference setting (sea level vs ground level) stick.
  2. So... does this mean we don't have to disable "Tidy up debris cluttering KSC" anymore? Or is that another AOORE (Argument Out Of Range Exception)?
  3. When I control a craft I'm seldom interested in the "Display Staging" info (lower left). I want to see the "Maneuver Mode" view, with info about apsides, inclination etc. Similarly, I'm most comfortable with UT rather than MET "Time Mode" (upper left). It's getting very old having to toggle these views Every. Single. Time. I switch between craft. Is there some way to make these settings stick? (I'm no stranger to manually editing files if that's what it takes.) (I have an annotated screenshot that shows what I'm talking about, but there doesn't seem to be any way to attach an image to a post? Just "Insert image from URL"?)
  4. I guess the best we can hope for is something like what happened to UFO: Enemy Unknown, another great game plagued by serious bugs. It's been revived and kept alive through OpenXcom, a complete FLOSS rewrite of the engine, but using the original artwork. So if you own the game you can replace the whole codebase with something that actually works (and is up to date) and enjoy the game fully.
  5. One thing that I find is that I always end up using more docking ports than I had initially planned. The plan might be to be able to dock one lander, one refuelling craft, and one return craft. Then I realise I need more batteries and a better antenna, so I launch and dock a craft with those additions. Then I need to fly an additional kerbal to the station for XP, so now I have two return craft docked. Then I need an additional lander for, say, surface scanning, so now there's two landers. And so on and so forth. So be generous with docking ports!
  6. Well, I reported the savegame sorting issue 2019-05-29: link. It still has status "new". So that's not exactly encouraging. Together with what's written in this thread, I think I'm justified in concluding that they ignore these issues.
  7. I play stock only so far. My top three grievances are: Why does "Maneuver Mode" always change back from orbital parameters to the (completely useless) Roll/Yaw/Pitch display, every single time I switch between vessels? Incredibly annoying! Same thing with time display: why can't it remember that I want absolute time (UT) instead of mission time (MET)? Save game sorting. Save games are alphabetically sorted rather than sorted by game time, which makes it really difficult to find the save I want (even finding the last save can be a struggle!). (Also I'd like save game slots where I can easily save over a previous save without having to type a save game name every time, while not having to rely on a single quicksave.) Why do I constantly have to endure the long load time (AND the maneuver mode and time display resets) to go to Tracking Station to check if I have to switch craft? Why can't we have a list of vessels, sorted by "time to next event" (maneuver node, SOI switch, atmospheric entry) that I can check at a glance and use to directly switch vessel if needed? Then there are lesser things, like why can't I save or even time accelerate with a kerbal on a ladder? Why did the Kraken blow up my command pod? Why does my surface craft/bulding creep along te ground even though it's firmly planted? Etc, etc... The fact that user interface/experience is not important to the developers is incredibly annoying all by itself! These minor bugs/problems are known since many, many versions ago and are simply not fixed, even the easy ones (I say this as a programmer with many years of experience). Why do they ignore these issues?
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