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  3. Thank you for the suggestion, I know gameslinx has a few planet packs etc, so may look at that or the others.... we will see ;-) If only their was some mods I could use to give me an excuse at talking over my area of knowledge (Genetics, Biology, psychology lol) I stopped reading when you started telling me about the atmosphere.. Im still to learn about that ;-) But a plane seems very logical!
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  5. If only I had thought about that before filming the next few episodes!! i do have something sort of similar planned.... but a little more unique ;-)
  6. Reusable Space Program | Episode 27 | Mining Mayhem | KSP
  7. In all honesty.... having started playing RP-0 soon after its creation, their used to be lots of 'dont use mechjeb' due to it not playing well with limited ignition, I know thats been fixed but i guess im stuck in my ways and like learning and refining my own launch profiles, maybe in a future series i will look into that.... we will see ;-)
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  12. Will check that, everything should be set per instructions , may be Parallax has changed that...
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  14. The man speaks the truth... your girder sections make the shielded docking ports look a little odd so either swap them out for standard ports ( then it’s just a standard mission as they will have attachment points in the VAB at both ends) or swap the girders for solid structural tubes for a better asthetic, in that case put a probe core and a few rcs ports on it with a tank inside the housing and dock it as its own craft... alternatively.... send up all 6 in a fairing with a tug craft under them , on orbit, undock the tug from the section under them ( stock fairings with mu
  15. Basic Docking and Rendezvous | How To Kerbal | KSP Tutorial
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