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  1. People who insist that they always “give the facts” and are “brutally honest” are quite frankly insufferable. Facts can be negative. If I state that people die every day, sure it’s just a fact, but it’s still negative. Please stop commenting here if you don’t have anything of substance to add. Edit: Also how is “I think the game is cancelled” (it isn’t) a fact and not an opinion?
  2. The center of mass in the Earth-Moon system orbits the Sun. The Earth is by an extremely wide margin the dominant body. I guess both orbit a barycenter which goes around the Sun, but then that means every single satellite in the solar system is a planet by your definition.
  3. While no specific ratio is defined, the ratio between the 8 planets and the objects that share their orbits is orders of magnitude larger than all other objects that orbit the sun. We wouldn't find a planet the size of Earth that's neighborhood had not been cleared unless the debris had been generated very recently. If an object is not a dwarf planet, it will clear it's neighborhood in time. If something's path around another object is not perfectly elliptical, circular, parabolic, or hyperbolic, it doesn't orbit the object. Full stop, end of story.
  4. Clearing it's neighborhood has nothing to do with whether or not their are objects in something's orbital path, it is the ratio of an object to the mass of all other objects in it's orbit combined. Saturn is not a dwarf planet by the current definition. This thread is ridiculous, some people are actually arguing that the Moon orbits the sun. Oh my god Even if the Moon did orbit the sun (it doesn't), the moon still wouldn't have cleared it's orbit and would be a dwarf planet.
  5. Actually, Jupiter would still be a planet. Jupiter is the most massive object in it’s orbit by a long shot. Pluto isn’t the most massive object in it’s orbit. Clearing its orbit means that an object makes up the vast majority of the mass inside its orbit.
  6. My friend is getting a B9PartSwitch Fatal Error What's going on?
  7. About 1500. I stopped launching from steam at 700 hours, my best estimate places it at 1500 hours today.
  8. I’m not sure if this one is taken, but if it isn’t, I would like my name changed to just Omni
  9. Quicksaving and loading did not work, nor did a restart.
  10. If it matters that much, just play sandbox.
  11. My trim for Pitch and Roll axes is stuck at the maximum, hitting alt+x just brings it back to maximum. If I manually bring it back to normal the trim can't go all the way and doesn't go to the center. It's almost as if my default trim has somehow been set to max.
  12. Clearly I've struck a nerve here. I'm making the decision to step back and let this argument run dry on it's own. Please be nice to each other.
  13. How on Earth am I implying that someone who doesn't know KSP should make the game? I'm implying quite the opposite. As a player, it is my concern. If they prioritize sales over quality that is absolutely our concern.
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