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  1. So this is more close to the lag I'm getting. My FPS hovers around 30-20 in orbit, ascent from kerbin, whatever. When landing on other planets, however, I get really bad rates around 20-10 fps. I'm actually considering that it might be Parallax. Edit: adding to this, I seem to have fine rates on non-atmospheric bodies. Something about parallax and scatterer seems to be causing a lot of lag
  2. My PC specs are: CPU: Ryzen 9 2700 8-core 3.2 GHz RAM: 32 gb GPU: Nvidia RTX 3060 12gb VRAM PSU: 600w I consider myself to have a generally good computer, especially with my new graphics card. That being said, the performance of KSP has been getting on my nerves. I would really like to take advantage of the mod Galaxies Unbound but sadly that entails pretty large, part-heavy ships. These ships generally seem to be causing a lot of lag, despite my system specs. I know KSP does an aweful job at actually processing, seeing as it's a 12-year-old game I kind of expect that. The other thing to note is I see people all the time using loads of mods, building huge ships with giant part counts, and they seem to be getting fine FPS Mods list
  3. I'm trying to use the Beam Core Fusion engine but I'm getting 0 t/w. I'm really confused how to use most of the engines in this mod. Anyone have a guide or something on how to use the engines and make them work? I have a good supply of Lqd Deut and Solid Hydro, so I should have everything I need, right? (also to add, I have a sufficient power source providing plenty electric charge).
  4. Everything worked as planned after removing Ad Astra from my mod list. Looks like there's no problem with loading.
  5. I've gotten a game with JNSQ, GPP, and GEP working. However, only JNSQ scatterer configs work. Anyone know why the configs for GPP or GEP wouldn't be working? (AKA scatterer isn't applying its effects to those planets)
  6. I am having trouble with making a low-part-count ship that doesn't overheat in after 1 second of thrust. Am I missing something about how the heat system works? And is there a way to disable it altogether and not worry about heat (not really that worried about 'realism')
  7. Considering the game is still being made in Unity, I wonder if the devs are planning on some backwards-compatibility with mods. Maybe not most mods, but surely parts mods, right?
  8. I've been having this issue for a while now and I cant for the life of me figure out what the issue is. I've compared my configs to other mods, to help from others in the forums, etc. and still cannot figure out why Kopernicus refuses to load my planet's textures or normals. My config does seem to find my heightmap, and it works poorly (I think the resolution of my heightmap is low? Normals and Textures do not load, causing weird lighting issues and, of course, wrong planet textures. Like I said above, I have tried everything to make it work and have checked about 1000x to make sure my file paths are correct (down to completely copying the file structure of mods that work). Alas, none has worked. I have tried using Kittopia tech to help in this regard but for some reason, when I try to load with configs made by Kittopia Tech, the game gets stuck on the black screen with the loading bar and refuses to load. It only loads with the config I have written but this is not accessing my files, for some reason. Here is my config:
  9. @wpetula figured I'd tag you to ask a little question. I think I figured out the issue with the lighting coming from the wrong direction. I rebuilt the ScaleSpace textures with Kittopia Tech and this fixed the lighting issue. Any idea how I can force it to do this on load/implement a fix in my config? thanks
  10. Ah shoot! Nice catch, I thought to myself "you know these slashes might be the wrong way around" but didn't even think about it!
  11. Thanks for the response! I assume there must be some issues with my texture maps. It seems like, from your points, that is the only place where there could be serious issues.
  12. So RSSVE hasn't been compatible for a while. Try EVO
  13. I'm trying my hand at making a planet for KSP and have been getting lots of problems. first, here is an image of what I'm talking about when I say the planet surface is loading badly: image, image, image Secondly, when viewing the planet in Scaled Space, the sunlight is lighting the incorrect side of the planet (as you can see in this image) Thirdly, it appears the textures for my planet are not loading in Scaled Space (and look even worse in flight), even though I have them linked in the config. I'll be honest, all my maps are the same texture because I'm super bad at texturing and wanted something quick to just make sure the planet was working (they're all grayscale heightmaps, but I figured that wouldn't be an issue. I'd just have a black-and-white planet). Fourthly, my heightmap isn't effecting my planet's height mesh very much. Is there a way to increase the effect of my heightmap. I'll also include an image of my heightmap (which is also the same as my normal and texture maps) https://imgur.com/b2Zspyp and a copy of my config here in a spoiler bar. I have the Biome classes defined but currently do not have a biome map. My PQS mods are simply copy and pasted from this tutorial My guess is that the issue is in my PQS mods, but I really have no idea what I'm doing with those I'll also add, I am using Wilbur to get the height map, GIMP to edit it, and Visual Studio to config
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