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  1. Dang you ! Cool, guess I'll move my efforts to another mod
  2. That's all dependent on the makers of Realism Overhaul. I would be honored to have them include the configs with the base mod, but they will always be available on the Github for those who just want Kerbalism configs, or Deadly Reentry configs. Mods like Tantares and Bluedog have a LOT of parts. Nowhere I could find have anywhere near a complete config for every part. This isn't meant to 'fix' all inconsistencies or problems that may be inherent in the design of the parts. I just want to configure them to be ready to use in Realism Overhaul. I also want the parts included in these mods
  3. Only if the mod adds fuel tanks or command pods. Otherwise, there isn't anything to configure for RO. I haven't used it so I'm unfamiliar.
  4. Dev Log 1: I've begun the configs for S.O.C.K. and reDIRECT. Command Pods have been sorted out and seem to be working as planned. I've put all part cofigs for S.O.C.K. into one file, but it seems like only the Command Pod worked. I wonder if each part needs a seperate config (Although this wouldn't make much sense since other Realism Overhaul configs put all parts of one mod in the same config). reDIRECT is in the same boat. Only the Orion capsule worked, all other parts in the config failed. In both configs I have the Command Pod's as the first item. I will try ma
  5. I'm making configs for mods so that they can be used in Realism Overhaul. Configs for our favorite mods! Currently working on configs for: TBD Planned configs: Bluedog Design Bureau Tantares (SP, LV, and Neptune Camera support) Nertea's 'Near Future' mod suite, 'Cryo Engines' suite, and possibly 'Far Future Technology' KNES Endurance Restock and Restock+ Suggestions for more are welcomed! Unplanned/Won't Happen Configs: Tundra Exploration (Due to conflict with FAR. If this changes, I might consider) Benj
  6. I'm preparing to release a WIP page for a config pack I'm making for RO. Forum rules say I need a license, what does that mean? Cheers yall!
  7. Yes, it does. I'll try installing a new instance of Kopernicus and see if that fixes the issue. EDIT: BUG FIXED: I changed to Kopernicus Bleeding Edge release 80 and it fixed the time warp bug. It seems Kopernicus Bleeding Edge release 81 bugged Kerbal Alarm Clock into over-warping. I'll let R-T-B know.
  8. @FruitGoose I'm not using APPLE but I am in 1.11.2. Are you using Real Solar System as well?
  9. I'm using Real Solar System and I'm having a weird bug I've used this mod for a while and never had this issue. When I click the >> buttons at apoapsis or periapsis the clock normally stops me about 1:30 before. However, today its going WAY over the alarm, not giving me a notification that the alarm has ended, and sometimes going 2 or 3 times OVER the burn (a simple orbit around the moon, warp to periapsis, end up doing 2~3 complete orbits). I've set math checks to 100 per second, and yet the issue persists. I'm also using TAC life support, Near Future resour
  10. Multiplayer would be cool, maybe give us a snapshot of what to expect in KSP 2. I'd need friends to play with though... and an agreement on a selection of mods that I know I'll change almost every time I log on
  11. I was wondering what to predict for the future 1.12 update! 1.11 was great and introduced not only new parts but new mechanics, and I think it would be cool to see more stuff like that. Personally, I'd like to see a revamp to the science system, basically just add more variety, experiments, scenarios, and maybe more biomes too What do you guys want to see in 1.12?
  12. Is there somewhere were I can download old versions? For KSP 1.10 specifically? Thanks
  13. Whenever I make rovers in KSP they always feel so... fake. From landing them to covering them for entry to just the parts they use. I'd like to see a rover parts mod in a stockalike style to kind of facilitate cooler looking rovers, rover skycranes, and rover shielding (like the heatshield and fairing that the Mars rovers are covered in). Does anyone know if there is anyone working on a mod that fills these needs? If not, I'd love to see someone develope some parts (I'm still learning C# and blender so if I made it you would have to wait a while). Cheers every
  14. I'm getting the loading screen of death Mod List: Environmental Visual Enhancement REDUX EVO Kopernicus (RTB 'bleeding edge' newest release) Kopernicus (expansion) KSCswitcher ModularFlightIntegrator RealSolarSystem RSSDateTime RSS-Textures scatterer Module Manager 4.1.4 KSP refuses to load after doing the beginning initialization. Will load all textures/asset/ anything from the game data folder and then sit on a black screen with the loading rectangle in the bottom corner. KSP refuses to load after that.
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