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  1. Using the JR-20a 'Fresnal' and I'm stumped on how this works. EC consumption for my craft is 20 per second, 100 per second if 6 large radiators are running. This is even WITH the JR-20a built-in reactor running. I have a sneaking suspicion this isn't how it's supposed to be? Also, I overheated my FX-3 reactor and the warning message "Reactor overheating" stays on screen even after shutting down the reactor and cooling it to 0. I also suspect this might be a bug. If you want a log let me know. Otherwise I'll keep this post clean. EDIT: Cooling big hydrogen tanks
  2. I've been following the UI Creation Tutorial here on the forum and I'm stuck on the "Exporting the Asset Bundle" section. I really do not understand what they are talking about. Are there any video tutorials for this? I'm a very visual learner and this section literally makes no sense to me. I do not know where the Asset Compiler Window is, I do not know what they mean by prefabs, and I don't have any clue what they mean by the second bullet point. Any help is appreciated, please help!
  3. So I'm looking at making an expansion for Kerbalism @Sir Mortimer, and I'm new to modding. I'm not new to coding, but I'm a beginner at best and was taught with Python. I've done some work with configs in the game before: I've written Scatterer configs for my own use and have tried with minimal success to write some configs for Outer Planets Mod to be supported by Parallax. I understand how these two configs work and they are relatively simple to understand. What I do not understand, however, is how the configs work for other sorts of mods. While the two mods I've really messed with
  4. I'm looking through the mod files and wondering where I can tweak consumption rates? Is there anyone still maintaining this mod, or is it orphaned?
  5. I've seen Kerbal Health mod as well. I haven't looked at the way it works yet but I wonder if I could maybe get it and Kerbalism to work together. Like @Spaceman.Spiffsaid, I could probably look at making this mod an expansion to Kerbalism rather than its own thing.
  6. I've been playing with Kerbalism for a while and I can officially say it's my favorite Life Support mod. With the unconfusing layout, once you get the hang of it, you can easily make your missions feel so much more lifelike. But I recently got inspired to make one of my own after an unfortunate Mars mission. After my Mars lander exploded into about a million tiny little pieces, Artemis Kerman waited above in the Orbital module. As she was alone, she was consuming less than three kerbals would, so that was alright. The big issue, though, is that I had failed to bring extra Nitrogen and th
  7. I've been trying to get through the Getting Started section of the wiki but have frankly found it confusing. Don't mean any offense by it. I just don't know what config to make these changes or where. I'll probably download someone else's config and dissect it to see how it works.
  8. I'm a little lost. I have to create a config first, then the in-game editor should work?
  9. This is the Cheetah engine. Tested it first with an SSTU engine but it was the same way. I have PlumeParty installed for a mod dependency, is it possible that it's causing issues?
  10. Just downloaded and the in-game editor isn't working https://imgur.com/DbCIVpI I'm going to take a wild guess and say that it's not backwards compatible to 1.10, for some reason? Wouldn't make sense, though, considering the changes made between versions didn't mess with plumes.
  11. I am using Kerbalism and it seems all solar panels seem to be working with the mod EXCEPT the panels on the large service module.
  12. Since I haven't found any up-to-date tutorials for Kerbalism, im going to ask here. Im using SSTU parts for a simple transport from Earth to a space station. I cant seem to get my Heat under control, my kerbals hit around 400k and then start to lose it. How do I keep my heat under control (also what heat do Kerbals need to be kept at)? I have tried a ton of radiators and they dont seem to have any effect on Heat. I also have Shielding maxed on my crew pod. Id really like to maybe not kill Kerbals every time they go to space! FIXED!! SSTU Sol
  13. I'm working on making an Outer Planets Mod config for Parallax. I'm wondering how to reduce the shiny-ness of a planet? Are the shiny-ness factors related directly with the texture? I'm new to all of this texture/normal/displacement map stuff. Also, what resolution are the DDS files? Is it a standard amount across each body or do you have different parameters for each different celestial body? Thanks!
  14. I'm not much of a coder, much less a modder (this is my first journey into developing a KSP mod) but I've been playing around with Parallax configs and the included displacement maps and have come up with this: Images of Slate using Laythe's textures It's a pretty simple system, the core Parallax mod does most of the work. Let me know if you want me to stop, I was just experimenting to see what works. In terms of GPU/RAM usage, didn't see any difference from the rest of the planets in Parallax.
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