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  1. I suppose that this eventual BH-Parallax hotfix will be just for Parallax 2.0 support, then? Linx deserves the longest of breaks for the amount of work he put into releasing what is probably the greatest mod since EVE, but it would be nice to know if the non-parallax related issues with BH will ever be looked at (even if its months or further in the future). Otherwise, I might have to start truly learning Kopernicus modding! Which I should probably do anyways, but still.
  2. Should go without saying, but we all know someone will ask or comment on it. The new version of Parallax does not work with Beyond Home! You need to use the version specifically mentioned in the OP for Parallax to work (Parallax 1.0.1), or use an older version of Beyond Home if you do not want Parallax at all! (granted, the people who need to hear this are very unlikely to actually read it before they post about how parallax isn't working)
  3. Has anyone compiled a list of systems that aren't "worth" keeping at the moment and are okay to remove, in order to reduce lag? Namely which stars don't have any reason to visit such as planets or other interesting reasons to keep (example; Arceus doesn't have any locations to visit but, being the north star, is still worth keeping). From what I understand, it looks like majority of Stellar Adventures would fall under that category, but I don't want to just blanket uninstall everything besides KAX A* since I'm not certain. Edit: Did it myself. This is copy-pasted directly from me looking at every single star in-game. Every star on this list does not have a planet, but may have other things worthwhile. "NO" means nothing overtly special. Binaries are not considered overtly special. "MAYBE" means there's something special about the star, which will be noted following it. Every other star not on this list has at least one planet. DENALAN 21185 (NO) LAYTHEN 726-8 (MAYBE, flare star, binary) SURR 248 (MAYBE, flare star) LECAYLLE 9352 (NO) 61 SIGNAR (NO) PROKSION (MAYBE, white dwarf, binary) DX KRIAN (NO) KEPTAN'S STAR (NO) DENIS-P (NO) URS44 (MAYBE, disk) 40 KIRILANI (NO) LATAIRE (MAYBE, bright star) SETA DRAKARIS (NO) 82 G KIRILANI (NO) GLIZE 581 (MAYBE, variable star) GU MUSCAE (MAYBE, black hole giant binary, amazing visuals) SORIONIX (MAYBE, bright star) AUTARSIS (MAYBE, disk) 61 RIGILIS (NO) LINUS KIRILANI (NO) CARVANIS (MAYBE, bright orange giant) VELA REGORUM (MAYBE, nova/nebula) ARCEUS (MAYBE, polaris)
  4. If you're playing Beyond Home on any version after 1.8, you're going to encounter all sorts of bugs. KSP version 1.8 was the last version where Beyond Home was its most stable. After that, 1.10 is your second safest bet, but you'll definitely start encountering some bugs; Gateway not having any terrain and some scatters being broken, for example. Might also encounter the weird floating scatters in this version, not sure, but you will encounter them in 1.12. Not sure which version lava broke in, unfortunately, or if it's caused by a mod incompatibility.
  5. Please tell me that this screenshot is edited. There is absolutely no way this is an ingame screenshot. I refuse to believe it. god, ksp and (eventually) beyond home are going to look so absurd once this is all done
  6. 1.8.1 is the most stable version to play this planetpack on. 1.9 is the first release with Parallax (iirc) which makes the system look significantly better, but also introduces a few bugs such as scatters not spawning, broken Lua/Rhode biomes, and Gateway not having any terrain (amongst other bugs) 1.10 and beyond introduces a weird flying scatter effect. I will note that Beyond Home is perfectly playable on 1.9 up to the most recent KSP version, but the most bug free version is 1.8.1
  7. I've been fiddling around with Gateway's configs for the better part of the week, trying to fix the terrain so it generates correctly. I've narrowed it down to an issue with the PQS settings, at least as far as I can tell. However, I am not a modder, let alone a Kopernicus modder, and have mostly been doing this by trial by error and seeing what does and doesn't work. Specifically, it seems to be the vertex height map and height noise settings, as replacing those with, say, Janus' config lines allows terrain to generate (though with Janus' settings, of course). Again though, I am not a Kopernicus modder, so this could entirely be a fluke. Someone more knowledgeable on planetmaking would likely know more. EDIT: Under VertexHeightNoiseVertHeightCurve2 and VertexHeightNoise, change the deformity values from negative to positive. This will add land back to Gateway, though I'm certain it's not exactly as it should be (it seems much more spikey than in 1.8.1)
  8. Use Parallax 1.0.1, not the most recent one. If you used CKAN to install, just select the right version in the "versions" tab with Parallax selected.
  9. Just remove Parallax from your gamedata folder; Parallax is only special terrain textures AFAIK so removing it shouldn't cause issue. This is wrong. Backdate to a version before Parallax. If it does, you can always use an older version of the mod from before Parallax was made.
  10. Did a few more tests on Gateway to see if the missing ground was just a one-off or not. Very strange, and something I've never seen before. Getting close to the semi-loaded ground unloads it, so there's never actually ground below you. Falling into it eventually destroys the craft, much like landing on stock Jool.
  11. Works near perfectly on 1.10. Near perfectly, of course, as there are some hiccups here and there that I've noticed. Lua's biomes are all messed up. Oceans where there isn't even a drop of water, oceanic craters and polar highlands not existing despite them supposed to according to SCANsat. Haven't seen a single Lua terraformer either, though that might just be my luck Armstrong's scatters don't load at all. Haven't seen any of the mining equipment on Ash or the crazy basalt spikes, but I have seen the core vents so like Lua it might just be my luck. Gateway has Laythe's biomes, and its EVE clouds aren't volumetric. It also has no ground other than the scatters, making landing on it a real pain (and also pretty terrifying as you sink into nothingness) Edit: A quick search-dive hints that the Laythe biomes and non-volumetric clouds are intentional. The missing ground, however... Pretty sure this is just Kopernicus BE, but comets do not spawn. Rest of the planets, so far, seem to be completely fine. I've only just gone interplanetary on my playthrough though. Though I remember scatters loading in at a much greater distance than they currently are. Take your time doing whatever it is you're doing though. This is a planet pack in a league of its own and I'd hate to see things get rushed.
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