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  1. Update: i downloaded a better version and now ksp stops loading at vulcan turret
  2. uhhh i saw a warhead part in the RnD building but i unlocked it and no warhead, so whats wrong? yes i have PRE and Module Manger
  3. kerbin isnt flat! is banana shaped!
  4. Mun Mission: KEPUTNIK! a solar space station that orbits way too close: HELL sarnus mission (if you have outer planets mod): KRASH! (space probe)-KRASHER (tekto lander)-KRAP (Atmospheric thing to krash into sarnus) moho lander: into_le_unknown_to_the_kerbals! bop mission: KRACK'N!
  5. your under the terrain... 

    im on voyager 1 helpz21x4hntb4861.png?width=960&crop=smart&a

  6. i need the smallest rocket picture (cats count as rockets too)
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