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  1. I designed a space station core
  2. sorry, I forgot about this thread. I a small amount of the lag was removed when I removed principia, but I think that was just all around lag from my computer being dogexcrements. sorry for all the confusions, somehow it got in my head that it was principia, idk
  3. FLY ME TO DA MOON! I finally finished it and I'm really happy with it! check it out
  4. ok, I'm working on it. Sorry for all the confusion, I thought my problem laid within my excrementsty pc, so I never really provided that great info.
  5. it ended as soon as it crashed, there is no more footage. this is likely an issue with FAR as when I do not have far installed it does not crash at that point in flight (after booster separation). Additionally these issues with booster separation are persistent through ought craft files that produce a lot of "debris" Though I do know that this is not the place to ask and it is likely to do with my ass pc specs. yes, I can record some if u need it. okey dokey. should I re-record with the ui open?
  6. UPDATE: it may be a bit before my next post as I am working out how to get my computer to handle principia better in the atmosphere, stay tuned!
  7. I don't see anything bad in console I can deal with the lag at the beginning, but when it gets really bad I can't. hopefully there is a way to prevent principia from messing with atmosphere? edit: the crash is from far, but the lag is from principia
  8. 7 years old laptop CPU must be highlighting computational burden of principia. @ZAJC3W while in space it's perfectly fine, unrecognizable from stock, it's just when in atmosphere where it takes a hit.
  9. hmm, ok, I will look into it. For example an 80 part craft can set me back to 3fps on my 24gb ram + gtx 980m + i7-4710HQ CPU @ 2.50GHz
  10. Is it possible to make principia not as laggy in atmosphere? maybe disable the use of principia while in atmosphere with some sort of config? Idk why it is so laggy in the atmosphere but not in space
  11. Sputnik To The Moon! Munnar Expedition 2: Dogey II The mission launched from the KSC after multiple unsuccessful attempts at launch, but finally began to show signs of success after a new technology mech jeb was discovered, featuring blinking lights, shinny wheels, and even a shiny metal stick thing. This technology allowed for precise control of the rocket, and prevented the flipping of the rocket. The ascent was performed nominally and orbit was reached with 800m/s of delta V remaining, not accounting for the minor stages in the two probes. The burn left the transfer stage with only 28 m/s. After that burn, and after arriving at the mun, we dethatched the fairing. The fairing is made of radiator panels with a cap that has an experiment return capsule and extra fuel. The radiator panels are attached with decouplers and the cap is attached in a complicated manor with 5 decouplers, probably too complicated, but either way it did its job. After doing science high above the mun and low to the mun, the cap detached and carried the science on a trajectory toward kerbin. The sputnik replica then detached and quickly burnt retro, turning its trajectory into a low orbit of the mun. re-entry was fully successful and the science was retrieved within hours of splashdown as an air force base was located close to the site. I finished the video for this mission too, here it is:
  12. I'm very proud of the timing and music/sound fx on this one, also thinking about making something based on fly me to the moon ¯\__/¯
  13. yeah, I know how to do that, I just wanted to know how to make it an option in game, so if I want to use TURD I can turn off restock for a part but have another one of the same part be using restock
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