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  1. A little update: I was able to board the munar flyby craft! It was a difficult journey as documented here: https://youtu.be/YloUvG9TrU4 Detachment of the landing pad was successful and I will post about the findings of the flyby tomorrow! bye!
  2. I designed and recolored this cool plane to take kerbals to the next rocket.
  3. In the future/is it possible to create configs or something along those lines to make restock parts work?
  4. Idk where I saw it, but I remember seeing some shots of this in the making. It turned out great!
  5. South Star General (SSG) Operates with these mods: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1UxQ_v2vs6S39-BLRq_p85wCdWrd3J44H?usp=sharing (Picture): And is documented on this channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi2soGW3lRcA9MXfOYUZcyg This first post is underwhelming but others will be more flushed out. I was not planning on posting missions in this save file but I thought it would be fun so this first post may be a bit boring. https://youtu.be/ZNL9T-2FV0U This video will catch anyone and everyone reading this thread up to speed: Launch 1: Firefly 1 A 3 stage
  6. So I have this weird issue with OPM. Idk if it is an issue as much as a just... thing? So Sarnus's rings flicker. Here is my Game Data: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1UxQ_v2vs6S39-BLRq_p85wCdWrd3J44H?usp=sharing Here is a video with it: (skip to 4:46) https://youtu.be/2ILJDmhd2ec Also some other info is that it goes away when using physical time warp. edit: I forgot to mention that this was an issue with my 1.10 save file, I can get the gameData folder from that in the morning, sorry for the confusion.
  7. any updates on making it consistently work? mine works <em> sometimes </em>
  8. is there a config I can use to turn off the engine lighting? my turd of a computer can't handle it but I want to keep it on for other mods because of stock lights and such.
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