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  1. Yeah, the main problem with KSP is that there is too much stuff about it all over the internet and the game has been out for so long that simply googling a problem doesn't usually work because it either gives you a million antithetic answers, or it gives you one, but six years old.
  2. YES! Thank you, that does the trick. In my 300+ hours in the game, I haven't noticed this key (I guess it's the one others refer to as "backspace")
  3. Yeah, I'm starting to suspect it might be one of the mods that acts like it's okay but have some secret non-descript problem with the newest update. That's the only possible explanation I'm going to try to find out which one it might be. Tomorrow, probably. I'm kind of done for today. Thanks anyway. At least I know it's specifically me and not the update.
  4. Yes. I am controlling the ship. When I press "M" I return back to it. It's just that in map, when I target a planet (to fine-tune my approach trajectory, for example) I can't Tab my way back to the ship. I have to stay focused on the planet and control my ship from there. Or switch to a different planet that is closer to my ship so I can see better. It drives me nuts. I don't know what "corresponding tab" means, though. (EDIT: Ah, yes, if by "corresponding tab" you mean if I have the visibility of ships turned on in the upper thingy where you can switch various types of objects on an
  5. This is probably my own stupidity, but I'm playing for the first time after the last update and I can't re-target my ship for some reason. The backspace key that I've read about somewhere never worked for me, but I was always able to "return" to my ship by flipping between system objects by Tab and Shift+Tab until I found my ship. Now the Tab flips only between planets and my ship isn't in the list. I've also searched the key bindings and didn't find anything. I would appreciate any kind of suggestion. :| Thank you!
  6. Edit: Nah. It was a bug unrelated to this mod. Sorry about that. What a great first post. Well done me.
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