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  1. Is there some way I can just disable the blacklist? I'm pretty lazy and I'm not short on ram either
  2. Would it be okay if we know what country you live in so we can find the correct pricing and retailers for you?
  3. Maybe. I forgot a some questions. Do you have the ability/would you make your own case? Do you have a price limit? Would you be willing to look at custom cases? Would you be willing to have a look at PCI raisers so you can move your GPU about inside a smaller case?
  4. Hmm, would something similar like this would do or is it too wide? Would you be interested in a AIO? Are you okay with spending a bit on some dust filters?
  5. You should also do some research into what the best engine would be. Programming is only one part of making game. Anyways. Been a while since I played anything new?
  6. When I built my PC the first thing I did was plug in the PSU without the switch on so its grounded and then touched it to ground myself. If your case is metal it will be grounded as well once you put in your PSU. I recommend grounding yourself once before and work on a floor that isn't carpet. Also ESD is not much of a bad issue now a days and ESD wrist-bands are mainly useful for people who work with electronics regularly.
  7. Oh, sweet a give away. Its been a while since I play Universe Sandbox 1. This seems like fun.
  8. A person on the youtubes called DIY Perks made about three videos about designing, building and testing a silent PC. In testing the PC under load is quiter than a desk lamp with a inbuilt transformer. Anyways here is the links to the videos in no particular order; , , .
  9. By the looks of it on this picture. There is going to be some new weapons. Here's a picture with them in:
  10. Does anybody know of a good cooler for this case that would fit with out having to remove the two side fans? I think the Hyper 212 EVO wont fit with out removing the side fans.
  11. Hmm, are you running a 64bit or 32bit os? Here is a link for the linux drivers for your GPU for 64 bit: http://www.nvidia.co.uk/download/driverResults.aspx/83716/en-uk Here is a link for the linux drivers for your GPU for 32 bit: http://www.nvidia.co.uk/download/driverResults.aspx/83698/en-uk Download them and try running them like a program and post here if you run into issues. I currently don't have a linux os I can test on sorry.
  12. Depends on what file format they are and what resolution they are about 5 hours of 1080p videos takes up about 16gb as a MP4.
  13. Those looks pretty. How do you use the Debug cam?
  14. Hello again! I've built the PC you guys recommend about a year ago two? The only thing I changed was the case, RAM, GPU and monitor. I ended up going with something like: ASrock H87 Pro 4 Quad Core Intel I5 @ 2.9GHz GeForce GTX 660 16GB of RAM Zalman Z11 Plus Hyper 212 Evo + 120mm Fan Monitors: Dell 1704FPT 20" @ 1280x1024 Sony Bravia TV 32" @ 1920x1080 Anyways I currently dont have any pics for it. Ive come to ask another question. What should I do with a old PC ive managed to get my hands on. Its from like 2000 or something. Its got some sort of processor, 2* 128MB SD RAM and some other parts. Anybody got some suggestions on what to do with it? Ive thought about turning it into NAS and storing my work files and media on it but Im not sure whether its its got enough ram for the task.
  15. That video looks pretty awesome! I presume that was rendered in realtime? If so how performance intensive is it going to be?
  16. Thanks for speedy reply. I think I should get it.
  17. Hmm, Ill look at the eagle. Any other suggestions for bounty hunting ships that are about 500,000 cr?
  18. I've just started bounty hunting in Meskhenga. In about four days real time I've managed to get 500,000 or so credits. With that I've brought a new ship called the Eagle and upgraded it.
  19. Just brought the game. Spent about an hour or two going through the tutorials. I did okay in them. I then faffed about for a couple of hours and made about 3500 credits or what ever currency it is. Any tips for newbies?
  20. You could do both, you could upgrade both and sell the old parts to get some money to upgrade them.
  21. The Intel Core i7 will work better because it has more core per core power than the AMD 10 and since KSP is a game that mainly uses one core the Intel i7 would be the best choice.
  22. Nova, you got anybody to make music for SOtS yet?
  23. That looks pretty awesome. Whats the current use of PC resources of the Beta?
  24. I rewired it. It works . Not sure why it didn't in the first place. I'll edit this/maybe post depending on how its going. EDITZ: Welp, it works fine. My GPU works and all but windows installer isnt reading my HDD. I know it works and I saw it in the UEFI of the MOBO. Any tips/ideas? EDIT2: Turns out it was that the sata cable wasnt headed properly. I think my 24pin is a little loose. EDIT3: Its all up and running well. Everything is well I think. DLing my games now.
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