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  1. After updating the game with the new patch I tried my Eeloo mission again. Many of the bugs were fixed, wich was great, but I still had some issues: - After a timewarp bellow 40km above Eeloo something always break, that doesn't happens when I am above 40km. - Decoupling my descent stage renders my lander an destroyed status, even though nothing was broken. This was working on Kerbin. I don't know if this issues are related to Eeloo only, or if it has something to do with the fact that I created this crafts and launched to LKO before the patch.
  2. I had the same issue last night. This is happening in a specific autosave that was created after a successful docking. I can't create new saves when loading this one. File size is 2194KB.
  3. Thank you! They also twist, that is the most important detail. Okay! It's online now, you can download on my kerbal X page. https://kerbalx.com/salaminho/OT-1-A-Odonata-Ornithopter
  4. Thanks! If you managed to do even a simple design, congratulations for you, this is very challenging ! Oh yes! I've seen some of his stuff, let's say it was part of my research. Now that you mentioned I saw his last vtol, I tried a very similar solution in ksp, but unfortunately, ksp parts are not as sturdy and robotics not as fast as in storm works, so I gave up on the vtol idea.
  5. Thanks! I've lost the count on how many hours I've spent on this project. It took me a lot of time researching aerodynamic principles, how insects and birds flies and, especially, finding work-around bugs. And there is still some room for improvement . The only hinges are on the base of the wings. The wing segments are attached to each other by tiny nosecones, its a light weight part with a very flexible connection. This is the key part for making it work as the ideal angle of attack changes along the wing.
  6. Thank you! The frame of the cockpit are 025 grip pads (breaking grounds DLC), and the glass are flags actually, its basically a png file with half transparency. The frame really works as a roll cage, high impact tolerance parts that protects the kerbals when crashing. But the "glass" doesn't change anything regarding aerodynamics, also doesn't add mass, it's just for aesthetics. It is all stock.
  7. I am excited for playing this wonderful game with some friends.
  8. Hi! I wanted to share this with the community. It is still a work in progress, but I can say it's fully functional right now. All thrust and lift is provided by oscillating movement of wings, attitude controls are provided by differential movement of wings and surface controls. There is no kraken drives, no reaction wheels, no trickery at all! I hope you will enjoy it. When I'm satisfied with the results I'll post it on my kerbalX page: https://kerbalx.com/salaminho/OT-1-A-Odonata-Ornithopter
  9. One thing I miss when creating machines and other stuff with robotic parts are cogwheels, gears, screw gears, chain gears, etc... Basically ways to redirect rotational movement and amplify speed or torque. This would open a huge variety of possibilities. I don't know how hard would it be to program this in game or in a future DLC, or if it would be too much to ask for, but it would be awesome!
  10. Definetively must have, but I would extend that desire to naval parts in general. What I would really like to see is a better fluid dynamics, with different buoyancy levels in different worlds. It gave me an idea, a frozen world with underground oceans like Enceladus would be awesome . But I might be pushing this topic to far, sorry.
  11. You can create any number of radial symmetry up to x64, since its multiple of 2 and 3 by exploiting a glitch in the game: But I agree with you, not everyone knows of this exploit and it might not even work in ksp2. This should be a legit feature
  12. Great idea! In that scenario the hellish landscapes of Charr will probably have a heavy metal vibe.
  13. An idea on solving wobblyness of parts: instead of using autostruts or "rigid attachment " that is not so rigid. There could be a tweakable option to make part attachments to be more or less flexible. This tweakable could be a bar called "tighten or loose bolts"
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