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  1. Thanks for the reply you guys. Gimbal does not help because the engines are not gimballing the right direction for vtol flight. I’ve created my own set of gimbals using the servo motors to test if gimballing would work. For yaw control, gimbaling works flawlessly. For pitch and roll it works, but the vectoring range in most of the engines wouldn’t give much torque, so using differential thrust is more effective. Pitch: https://imgur.com/ugQpIyT Yaw: https://imgur.com/EakFTHM Roll: https://imgur.com/OaDuT7C (by the way, I don't know how to use the "insert image from URL" button ) This vtol aircraft is working very well, but there are still some points to improve: 1- Setting target angle of the rotors and thrust limit to kal-1000 and hardwire it to control axis doesn’t work with SAS, only manual input. 2- Differential thrust is less responsive when using airbreathing engines since they are slow to throttle up and down, so using gimballing could work better. RCS and reaction wheels works fine for small and medium size ships, but are not effective in bigger craft, this is why I’m looking for alternatives. I tried doing this, but there should be a way to not just turn them off, but to set where it should point when I hit an axis input. This seems to be impossible.
  2. It's been a while I’m designing some VTOL aircraft. I usually use tilting engines with the BG servos, the biggest challenge is attitude control. Using engines gimbal would help a lot here. Gimballing is automatic and works just fine when the engines are pointing backwards on level flight, but when I tilt the engines downwards for VTOL flight the gimballing gets all messy and doesn’t work the way it should. I know it can work pointing down if I set control to point up, like If I click “control from here” in a dorsal docking port, but then I loose situational awareness and it get’s really hard to fly as yaw and roll control switches place. Is there a way to manually edit gimballing to point the way I want?
  3. Yep, that is what I was doing wrong too.
  4. Your decoding is correct. The line of bits for calibration is on the first message, in the "Kerbal Space Program 2: Episode 3 - Next Gen Astronauts" video.
  5. I haven't seen this thread before posting my results. Now I understand, it’s the sequence of the last message. So it wasn’t meant to be an art tile after all. Anyway, if they start selling T-shirts with this pattern, I’m buying it!
  6. Oh thanks! I was looking for a thread with the answer, couldn't find it. But it was fun deciphering it on my own, learned a few things in the progres. Now it really makes sense, agreed that looks like the kraken.
  7. Did someone else tried to decipher the audio code in the end? I got this result. Didn’t made sense at first, but then a realized this is actually a tile art. Maybe it means there will be animal life on the planets? https://imgur.com/AgoJmzw https://imgur.com/7FXmRQM
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