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  1. I was able to figure it out how to get it to work with nearly no visual bugs. Thanks!
  2. When you zoom out a bit after this glitch happens you can see the ground but when you zoom back in the ground disappears again.
  3. After messing around with some of the scatterer versions, I finally found a version where I get atmospheres everywhere else and an atmosphere on mars. There are some weird glitches in the map view that make shadows around moons but hopefully I will be able to fix that. (It only happens with moons.) Another weird glitch on Mars (maybe other bodies?) that happens when you go below sea level. The ground disappears but you can still land on it. But when you switch to the vessel in the tracking station or maybe reload a quicksave when this glitch happened, the craft falls through the ground and blows up.
  4. Alright so I re-installed ALL of my mods, and I got the size back to 1x scale. But still no atmosphere on mars.
  5. Im going to re-install all of my mods and switch to 1.12.1
  6. Well re-installing kopernicus didnt do anything.. Maybe the only option left is to get a fresh install of KSP.
  7. The only other thing I could think of thats causing the 2.5X system bug is a bad install of Kopernicus maybe?
  8. The only Sigma mod I had installed was for a better skybox, I uninstalled that just to make sure but the solar system was still at 2.5X size.
  9. When I have any of the 2 latest versions of scatterer installed, I have atmospheres every where else but not on mars. If I use anything earlier, I only get an atmosphere on mars. I also dont have Sigma Dimensions installed.
  10. Currently trying to post my KSP.log but it wont let me
  11. This is what the atmosphere looks like 23 meters BELOW sea level.
  12. Here is what it looks like when I land on mars. No atmosphere.
  13. So ive been having a problem with mars in my save, The atmosphere is visually nearly non existent on mars. Ive tried to increase the height of the atmosphere in the mars atmosphere configs and stuff but it didnt do anything so I changed everything back to what it was before. Also another problem is that when I launched a rocket that was going to send a probe to Jupiter, the KSC was moved from south america to florida, and the size of the solar system was now 2.5X. I tried re installing KSRSS but nothing changed. This was before I even looked at the atmosphere configs.
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