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  1. That is pretty much it. A few of the tutorials nowadays have issues like this
  2. The recent update introduced a bug to this tutorial so the craft loader can no longer find the craft it is looking for. you can work around this by ignoring the instructions to load the craft, and just build it again, starting with the command pod and parachute. Google translate- La récente mise à jour a introduit un bogue dans ce didacticiel afin que le chargeur d'artisanat ne puisse plus trouver l'artisanat qu'il recherche. vous pouvez contourner ce problème en ignorant les instructions pour charger le vaisseau et le reconstruire simplement, en commençant par le module de commande et le parachute.
  3. Just me? both desktop and mobile are all messed up Edit: NVM, seems to be ok again
  4. As was planned for the firefly. ended in a typical fashion for aerospikes. too heavy, too complex, too difficult to cool.
  5. Except what is the point of increasing the mass and complexity to raise the vacuum efficiency of an engine that is never going to be used in a vacuum? Staging is a form of altitude altitude compensation by itself, by limiting the range of altitude the rocket works under.
  6. When they are in a kerbals inventory, the icon for the experiment in the inventory will have a down arrow in the corner, clicking this will deploy the experiment.
  7. You have to right click the thrusters, then it is under "show actuation toggles". if you do it in flight, you will have to do it for all thrusters individually, but in the VAB/SPH you can do it by symmetry groups
  8. A global toggle for RCS "pilot only" would be nice to stop SAS wasting fuel, but for now with advanced tweakables turned on, you can select which inputs each thruster responds to and so can disable pitch, roll and yaw
  9. On steam, right click the game in library list, select "Properties", then "Betas" in the window that pops up. The older versions can be found under "select which beta you would like to opt into" dropdown
  10. The rocket in this tutorial is bugged, the decoupler has been clipped through the upper stage engine which knocks it off course when you stage. or sometimes it sticks impeding your thrust until it overheats and explodes, either way it is hard to avoid triggering a failure even in circumstances that should be easily recoverable
  11. Right click the OKTO2 in flight and select Kerbnet Access from the part action window that pops up
  12. Yep, as far as I can see the craft file for the hopper is where it should be but the new craft loader, introduced in the 1.12 update cannot see that location. You can work around by ignoring the step of opening the craft and just manually placing a pod with a parachute on top
  13. Not really no, it would depend so much on the orbit chosen, there are an infinite number of orbits it could take. all we could say for certain is that none of them would have an inclination below 28 degrees or above 152 (assuming the rocket did not make the Dogleg maneuver @YNMdescribed earlier) If the planet was not rotating we could also say for certain that the ground trace would describe a great circle around the globe that would cross the equator twice on opposite sides of the globe, and would pass over Kennedy again every orbit. on a flat map projection it would look most probably like a sine wave but things get fuzzy if it gets close to the poles, and if it crosses them then it just looks like a vertical line, when you also have a rotating planet the ground trace can look like all manner of things.
  14. Yep, something wrong with it, it has been reported, https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/28069 Seems to only affect the MK2 this time
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