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  1. In the in game tutorials (start game>Training) there is one called "to the Mun part 1", this will give you the basics to do exactly what you are asking, the "orbiting 101" tutorial will have more detail on how to use maneuver nodes as well
  2. Well if the target port is pointing normal, and the active port is pointing anti-normal, then they are aligned on 2 axis, then use stability hold rather than target to maintain. Eyeballing the roll axis is not too difficult and only really matters when adding new permanent modules
  3. I personally prefer having docking ports on my station aligned along the normal axis, no need to rotate the station then.
  4. Docking mode just switches the controls so IJKL does rotation if you need to reorient. Another thing that may help is to choose "Locked" for the camera mode, in this mode if the camera is pointed at the back of your craft then the control axes will match the camera axes
  5. Another thing to note is that the listed value for Isp is at sea level on Kerbin, as pressure increases Isp decreases so at Eves surface the value for the skipper will be much lower than listed.
  6. For the first I think the problem comes from "rigid attachment on", while it makes joins less wobbly, it does make them brittle, if they cant bend, they break. Best for boosters to use "Autostrut to grandparent part"
  7. You can drag a maneuver node around your current orbit (when the node is open drag it by the central circle) You will see when you are getting an encounter
  8. RCS build aid does account for actuation toggles, so if you don't want a particular thruster to be used for a particular translation turn the toggle for it off in the VAB
  9. I would say just go optimal... unless you are going to Moho, where it is best to fully examine all options.
  10. Persistant is your main auto save, it updates every 5m or whenever you change scenes Quicksave is the default quicksave created by F5. If you hold F9 it will quick load your last quicksave and should put you back into the same scene
  11. From my understanding, the root part should already be above the decoupler in this case. testing myself the behavior I experienced felt a lot like a milder version of another bug with broken solar panels https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/24913 the first time I experienced that particular bug it reminded me of an even older bug with fairings https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/5149
  12. To transfer fuel open the PAW for both tanks involved in the transfer, (right click one tank then alt+right click the other) with more than one PAW open the out and in buttons should appear. click out on the donor or in on the recipient. You can use this to share between multiple tanks at a time, so if you wanted to share fuel evenly from one tank into two, you would open all three PAW and use out on the donor tank. similarly if you wanted one tank to draw evenly from two donors, open all three PAW and click in on the recipient. If you have trouble finding the tanks you need you can
  13. If you don't want to use mods, there is this handy online calculator https://alexmoon.github.io/ksp/
  14. My guess Those 2 engines have been in the game a long time, back when the size 1 was 1m diameter. 1.25 is pretty close to the ratio you expect. all the parts you list have the line "scale=0.1" as do the Deprecated versions of the FueltankT200, 400 & 800, but not the 100
  15. In career mode they unlock with pilot experience, or by unlocking more advanced probe cores. There is a setting in difficulty options so you can start with all kerbals at max level. In sandbox they are available from the start for all Kerbals
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