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  1. I have encountered this same issue, however the Mk2-X does jettison properly when placed using the bottom node, but for the first time going to the launchpad after the part has been placed. For example, if I place the part, go to the launch pad, it will work properly, but as soon as I revert to the VAB (revert to launch works fine), it will no longer jettison properly when launched again, unless a new part is attached from the menu in the VAB. This leads me to believe that it isn't because of the node placement, and it isn't because of colliders, as it remains part of the same vessel when it fails to jettison, the same 'jettison spamming' issue appears for me as well.
  2. For All Mankind is an ongoing series (which hasn’t even finished its first season yet), and there is a lack of concrete documentation on the vehicles used, with the 3 Person LEM only being seen in passing so far. I guess you could make an approximation of Jamestown base with a stock Mk2 Lander can or a hitchhiker, and propulsion provided by 4 LMDEs (that’s what they look like to me at least). If anything from this series gets added to BDB, it at the very soonest would be when the season ends (which would require all of the parts currently in development to be shelved for these For All Mankind parts). Even under this scenario, these new parts would likely be released sometime late next year (the Titan update was started this February, and was only released a couple of weeks ago). These parts are also arguably outside the scope of BDB as well. BDB already has alternate history stuff, in the form of Eyes Turned Skyward.
  3. https://github.com/ChrisAdderley/NearFutureExploration
  4. Could an option for disabling career mode module unlocking be included in the MechJeb settings? It currently seems to be hardcoded into the plugin, and all of my attempts to unlock all modules at start via .cfg editing have been fruitless.
  5. This kind of thing should be posted on the Airplane Plus or CKAN threads, not on a new thread.
  6. Could the KH-11 have SCANSat (maybe the SAR module?) and DMagic Orbital Science (The large recon part) integration.
  7. Could we get a status update on Near Future Exploration?
  8. macOS and Linux support are the first item that comes to mind. Second would probably be if I can't run it, though that's really more of me not being able to play it, rather than not wanting to.
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