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Found 8 results

  1. KSP 1.12.x - Reviva - The IVA Revival! KSP Reviva is the IVA Revival! For Kerbals who like to fly first person. Supports multiple IVA mods at once (IVA mods not included). Supports RPM and MAS. Allows IVA internal switch via B9PartSwitch: Allows selecting different IVA on each command module in editor/saves. Allows for on-the-fly IVA switching while in flight. Soon :: CKAN support so you can install Reviva and all the IVA mods you ever wanted. Currently only stock IVA and some popular IVA mods are covered, the intent is to extended the coverage over time. Required Mods Reviva - note that this does not include any other mods below in the download. KSP Forums GitHub Latest Release Download and extract the Reviva-x.x.x.zip file at the root of your KSP installation. SpaceDock - SpaceDock CKAN - Available Curse - Probably never B9PartSwitch ModuleManager RasterPropMonitor (RPM) Recommended Mods DEIVAExtension Optional Mods MOARdV's Avionics System (MAS) ASET Mk1 Cockpit ASET Mk1 Lander Can ASET Mk1-2 Command Pod Warbird Cockpits Ultimate Shuttle IVA ASET IVA for Making History Pods Many more, see Support Progress and Dependency Summary for the full list as more are supported. Some IVA mods require downloading from GitHub, Dropbox or even Zip files in GitHub issues and must be installed in their suggestion locations for Reviva to work correctly (directory names under GameData are very important). Changes For Players If you like flying in first-person from the in-vehicle crewed cockpit, either in stock or using RPM and/or MAS, then this mod is for you. Features: Allow switching of IVA from stock to different alternates (if needed mods are loaded) using B9PartSwitch This can be done from the editor, and the settings are saved with the ship design. This can also be done live from flight! Use the PAW right-click menu on the command module when not in IVA (yup, not realistic, but this is KSP). This allows for the player to load this mod on existing saves and change IVAs on already flying craft, or to try out different IVA. Without Reviva, only the "last" IVA mod for each command module would be available. Links together stock and modded IVA into one place and provides limited patches to ensure they work in 1.12.x. Note that this mod doesn't include the IVAs, but provides links for recommended or optional IVA mods, plus patches to allow them to run and be switched dynamically. Very low overhead on in-game CPU/GPU performance: command modules get an extra ModuleIVASwitch, and switch detection only happens when changes are made. Note however that all the Internal modules are loaded into memory, so load times will be a little slower, and memory usage a little higher for each IVA pack you install. Don't go too crazy. The best way is to look at all the different IVA mods for a particular command pod or cockpit, try them out and pick one or two. Note that the first option is usually the non-functional stock or original mod IVA, these typically have less performance impact. The different IVA selection does not change the characteristics, mass, cost or other data on the actual command pod: it's all visual for IVA. This means you can change at any time without penalty, by design. Thanks blowfish :: For B9PartSwitch which provides all the clever part switching and UI. Electrocutor :: For ideas in WPF and KSP forum that inspired idea. sarbian :: For Module Manager which provides ways to reconfigure everything. alexustas :: For the amazing ASET IVAs and props. MOARdV, JonnyOThan :: For Raster Prop Monitor (RPM), making IVAs look all fancy. MOARdV :: For Avionics System (MAS), making IVAs look even more fancy. DemonEin :: For DE_IVAExtension which provides decent IVA for all of stock. Honk Hogan :: For IVA_ASET_MAKING_HISTORY which provides decent IVA for Missing History. theonegalen :: For Warbird Cockpits IVA, and forum posts that inspired that this is possible. G'th :: For the Ultimate Shuttle IVA. linuxgurugamer :: For the hopeful adoption of this mod if I wander off in the future. License MIT License - (C) 2022 Harvey Thompson Source Repository on GitHub For More Information See the GitHub README
  2. I just downloaded Airplane Plus, and only the propeller engines and mk 3 cargo cockpit are appearing in my parts list. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling from both CurseForge and Spacedock and neither is working. My other mods are BD Armory, Kerbal Engineer, EVE, KAS, and KIS. Thanks for any help!
  3. Hi, I hope this is the right subforum to post such contraptions. I tried to build some airplanes that capture the charme of a past that never was. As you can tell, I am quite fond of flying boats and float planes and a huge fan of old school open cockpits. I really, really whish there were more part mods to support such crafts. First up: the White Swan MK1
  4. Greetings, Pilots The AirCombat Lite series of crafts are designed with minimum mod usage, using only on Airplane Plus for aesthetics and functional parts and BDArmory for armaments Using minimum mods should help for users with less-advanced computers who can't put on 50+ mods or they'll melt their computers, also to ensure widespread use because some people just don't want to use certain mods AirCombat Lite crafts are mainly based on US jet aircrafts, some are replica, some are not Feel free to use these crafts as OPFOR to help you design and fine-tune your aircrafts The Hangar F-102 Auk - Download F-107 Asp - Download F-109 Adder - Download F-110E Mamba - Download F110F Strike Mamba - Download EF110G Wild Mamba - Download RF110E Mamba - Download F-24 Krait F-25A Boomslang F-25B Strike Boomslang YF-25C Super Boomslang YF-26 Taipan XF-27 Keelback XF-28 Cottonmouth Universal Key Features Every craft have enough fuel for at least 1 hour flying time (measured with KER) Every craft use RCS key to toggle afterburners BDA AI flight control module for every craft is calibrated to loiter at 8000m altitude, 200m/s airspeed BDA Weapon Manager and onboard cannons/machineguns for every craft is set at 500m gun range for realistic dogfighting
  5. I Modified A AirplanePlus Patch To Add RPM Screens To The Game So I Modified And Added To Other Parts Now There Was Only Added To The Size 2 Cockpit I Plan To Add More In The Future. Download Link:http://www.mediafire.com/file/rjntbk02ueuksq1/RPMAirplanePlus.rar/file
  6. When i try to install it by the manual way it never works. So i came to KerbalX and it said that is avaible via CKAN. Then i came to CKAN and there is no avaible mod called Airplane Plus. Please say how to install it properly from manual way or explain why Airplane Plus isn´t in CKAN.
  7. Hello there, While building a helicopter (for the first time) with Airplane Plus, I encountered a problem. The turboshaft engines failed to produce any thrust but otherwise worked (ie: they spun and made a noise but their thrust was 0) Please help I use KSP 1.6.1, quite modded (I have an Mi-26 in production, you see)
  8. Well, i installed Airplane Plus yesterday from Curseforge. But just some parts appeared, and i don't removed nothing. So, today, i uninstalled and installed again, but from Spacedock, and the same error appear. I think is a Module Manager error, because i have the version 2.7.5, and the mod comes with the version 2.7.6, but i don't know exactly. (Edit) No, this is not a Module Manager problem. KSP version: 1.2.2 (x64) Aiplane Plus version: 15.0.
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