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  1. I might be being just slightly pedantic but I don't think we've really seen that many asteroids. We've inferred more from their spectral properties and orbits than anything else
  2. I almost question if you read your own topic. The answer to your original question remains an easy "no". The game as was, just wasn't sustainable; the writing was on the wall. The only question was whether they'd 2.0 it, or scrap it entirely. I think the "KSP feel" is as much it's users as the game itself. Think about it - how much of the game is stuff we don't use? The missions, the careers. So as long as we're around, we'll probably find a way to make KSP2 home.
  3. If you're concerned Kerbal Space Program 1 will cease to exist, I note several things in your favour: It is widely crossplatform and lacks copyprotection. If you were actually hoping for ten more years of free updates, though, you are plumb out of luck.
  4. Nope. KSP would have "died", all right -- there'd be no more KSP. This way, there's still KSP. All this kvetching and moaning, you'd think people hadn't gotten ten years of free updates.
  5. Unless someone goes and deletes them all, what's the problem?
  6. That's about the same stretch of logic. Barely related to the actual requirements of KSP.
  7. KSP runs on Linux. Linux runs on wireless routers. Therefore, you can run KSP on wireless routers. Not really how it works. I used to run KSP on low-spec (and 32-bit!!) computers but it just plain outgrew them all. Mostly it's the CPU and memory requirements that did so, not the graphics.
  8. Yes, this... The difference between a mod and a feature is the interface isn't a hacked-on thing that had to be nailed to the side, but built the way it belongs. If a bug is discovered which causes KSP1 to aggressively mine bitcoins while mooning your grandmother, they'll probably consider fixing that. Beyond that... Don't hold your breath. Bugfixes don't make money.
  9. I dunno what to tell you man, except read it, then read it again, until you understand it. If you read nothing else, read the extra big text that says "final update".
  10. Called it! Of course this means that, in 10 years, only the Mac and Linux versions of KSP1 will still be playable.
  11. In theory. Remember the console release? Yea... it's really not that easy. There's always corners and issues the computer can't fix for you. Porting to Linux is relatively easy, because (ironically) it's one of the least forgiving software environments - it will make a 30-page list of your programming flaws and staple it to your forehead. 30 years of being ported to every toaster gave Linux devs practice at porting. I was heavily involved back when home computers went 64-bit. That ripped the floor out from under a lot of old software, when lazy assumptions that worked for 30 years
  12. The list of things a standard PC possesses and a Switch/android/phone lacks includes, but is not limited to: Memory size Memory speed Disk size Disk speed CPU cache size CPU speed I/O capacity They trade everything of value to make these portable devices fit in a tiny case. So, if a standard PC struggles to run it, a stripped-down portable is going to be hilarious to watch try.
  13. Take it from someone who has actually ported software to strange architectures: The day you can program for one without the assistance of a real computer is the day you can call them equivalent. They have the right parts, but they're not connected the same way, and the only OS they have to speak of is mostly concerned with preventing access to anything. Programming for them is therefore a real pain in the ass. Who said anything about C++? i'm talking architecture and operating system. The test release crashed? Better post the logs LOL there aren't any because you're on console.
  14. They do that anyway, so I don't think that's a good argument against it.
  15. Then you end up with the "Windows Taskbar Problem": You screwed it up and there's no undo. Now what? Covering 99% of use cases without pain seems a good compromise. Fully customizable UI exists to bite you in the ass. If you must make it stateful, a reset button is a must!
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