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  1. Hydrogen is a pain in the ass and all but unstorable - it goes THROUGH solid metal like a colander! -- and because of that pretty dangerous ... It still gets used because its low atomic mass translates into high exhaust velocity. Hence its use in upper stages where efficiency is king but there's no need to store it for longer than a few hours.
  2. Quite a few useful and specific definitions here: http://www.projectrho.com/public_html/rocket/torchships.php But generally means output power in the gigawatts to terawatts range (space shuttle launch is double-digit gigawatts), 1+G acceleration sustained for days to weeks on end, and ISP in the high thousands.
  3. It's not a question of simple rocket mechanics because of drag. It wouldn't be one equation, it'd be an integration of calculations over time.
  4. Pretty sure the VAB is sensitive to impact velocity. A pair of 20-ton solids hitting it on full thrust? Nothing. A high-velocity seprotron? Kaboom!
  5. Caused the mother of all staging errors. The smoke finally parted after a sixteen-second slideshow of atomic flame, revealing the uppermost stage just ... hovering there on 1.0 TWR. Landed it. I did not revert that flight.
  6. Hit my peak in 2013, all downhill from there. The mainsail was the biggest stock engine at the time. Crazy unbalanced part mods were all the rage - almost to the point ship-sharing became impossible. The stock parts were too small and too fragile to build anything, people said! Built the Jaekelopterous 3 to prove it was possible to build large *without* crazy unbalanced mods. I won that bet. Six FULL orange dranks to orbit in 2013 stock! (I later managed eight, but the feat wasn't reproducible...)
  7. The only time I use the "jr" is a) I have nothing better unlocked yet, b) Tiny probes. The jumbo one is pointless. Leaving the standard size as the winner.
  8. When the question is "more X", you can be pretty sure they're already thinking about it.
  9. The most cursed screenshot ever, courtesy of
  10. You don't "trip over" it -- the game literally tells you. The stupid place is where it is in the tech tree. You should already have something better after having gone to all that work.
  11. I warned HarvestR about that back in the day, but it turned out to be a nonissue, because we can play whatever game mode we want. The only thing the tiers are about is the rough order the parts were added to the game. This entire forum: "I hate this game I have 10,000 hours in"
  12. why do people use mechjeb again? things seem much simpler without it
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