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  1. The person who volunteered to build the MacOS version for me has not been around for some time (since maybe version 1.1 or so). I don't own a Mac and so basically my options were either to let the last built version stay up or ask people to use a VM. Using a VM will definitely cause a hit to performance, but it's the best I've got. I don't think this is true though! You can run the KSPTOTConnect plugin on MacOS in KSP and then just figure out what 192.168.x.y your Linux VM and main machine are at, and then connect accordingly. Or I think anyway. Long story short, you shouldn
  2. Just a heads up, I found a bug in the PR5 build that caused certain listbox UIs to not appear when opened. This was due to the upgrade to R2021a. I've resolved the issue and rebuilt PR5. Please redownload when you have a chance. Thanks!
  3. Hi everyone! Tonight I'm excited to announce the release of KSPTOT v1.6.8 pre-release 5. This is a major update, not for the features that it brings, but because it marks KSPTOT moving to a new release of MATLAB after ~4 years on the venerable R2017b! As of PR5, we will be on the latest and greatest, R2021a! In order to use this release, and all releases going forwards, you will need to download and install the MATLAB Compiler Runtime for R2021a (MATLAB 9.10) for your operating system at this link: here. The R2017b MCR will not run PR5 and later. Why move to R2021a? Because
  4. Hi everyone, Good news! The Reddit admins were able to restore my account to me. Needless to say, I am very grateful and have turned on 2 factor authentication so this doesn't happen again. I've also cleaned out the filth that the hijacker posted. Unfortunately it looks like all of my posts were basically deleted. I've asked to see if they can be recovered, but I suspect that the answer is no. Anyway, I will likely be deactivating the /u/Arrowstar2 account in the near future, so please don't follow that one or anything. Thanks!
  5. Hi everyone, I wanted to make the KSPTOT community aware today that my Reddit account (/u/Arrowstar) that I've previously used to discuss KSPTOT on the KSP subreddit was hijacked last week. I am trying to get it back and have emailed the support people to see if they'll work with me. Unfortunately, at this time it looks like whoever now controls it has started to post NSFW content. This is not me. They also deleted the past 4 years of my posts, including KSPTOT postings as well as other personal things I've done (RIP to my paintings on /r/HappyTrees). Needless to say, I was pret
  6. I appreciate the shout out, @Curveball Anders! Madman, genius, either works. For the record, @Dr. Kerbal, if you want to use KSPTOT for this, the tool you're looking for is the Multi-flyby Maneuver Sequencer. Here's an example of what you can get out of that:
  7. I'm currently re-uploading KSPTOT v1.6.8 pre-release 4 with a fix for the LVD bug @Tacombel found. This is the only difference between the previously released PR4. Give it 10-15 minutes from this post and then re-download it if you'd like the fixed version. The bug had to do with optimizing the new flight path angle termination condition, so if you don't need that, then there's no need to download this build.
  8. I'm afraid it's not. That would break the assumptions of the underlying math. Doing Kerbin->Eve->Duna to get the departure/arrival dates and then use LVD to find the actual trajectory.
  9. The true anomaly of the initial departure burn is listed. That's the burn location in the initial orbit. By the way, the arrival and departure dates for the mission are shown in the second, "Transfer Orbit" box on the right.
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