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  1. Glad to hear it! The learning curve can be a bit steep so let me know if you have any questions.
  2. The software already can do all this. Install my custom KSPTOTConnect add on to KSP, then start a game and get to the flight scene somewhere. In KSPTOT, right click on an orbit input area or text box with burn info and you'll see menu options for uploading burn data or pulling orbit info. KSPTOTCONNECT comes bundled with the main KSPTOT download.
  3. Another pre-release for KSPTOT v1.5.10, pre-release 5. I had some inspiration at work today and I wanted to get it in before I forgot how I wanted it to work. It's a simple feature: In Mission Architect, after running the optimizer, any constraints that are active or violated after optimization will show a warning message with information about the constraint values and bounds. This should help debugging trajectory optimization by showing users what constraints they may be getting "stuck on" while optimizing their trajectories. Please let me know if you have any questions or you find any bugs! Thanks! Happy orbiting.
  4. Yup, found the bug. It showed up when I made the modifications to the line type stuff for the last pre-release. Thanks for the report. I have fixed it in KSPTOT v1.5.10 pre-release 4.
  5. Here is KSPTOT v1.5.10 pre-release 3. Added the line style updates to the five events showed in the quote. Updated the drag coefficient calculator to use orbital energy instead of SMA to solve on.
  6. No limitations, I just wasn't thinking... I just realized that aerobreaking needs this too. What other events are missing? I can add them.
  7. Okay, here's KSPTOT v1.5.10 pre-release 2. There is only one update in this version: Added the ability to set the line style of coasts and finite DV maneuvers. Please let me know if you find any bugs or have any questions!
  8. This is now in the next build, coming tonight. No worries, you didn't! It's not my storing them that's the issue. I'm wondering if there's a difference in the precision between data that comes from SFS files and data that comes straight from KSPTOTConnect. In any event, it seems like the work-around is to simply use orbit data from the same source (preferably KSPTOTConnect). Thanks for investigating this! I'd rather not add in any sort of block because those just cause bugs down the road. I appreciate you finding out what the root cause was. Hopefully pausing for a moment won't kill your work flow too much.
  9. So I didn't create the mac version. Someone helped me out a few years ago on that. I don't have a Mac, nor do I have matlab for Mac, so I can't create it. If someone has matlab on mac and wants to help via compiling code for me, please get in touch! I would appreciate the help! Edit: also I know I have other replies I need to get to. I was out of town for a bit but I'll take a look this weekend!
  10. Store is Broken

    I've got the same issue and it is not working now. Anyone have any ideas?
  11. So remember that MFMS is a two body, patched conics simulation only. Therefore, there really isn't a concept of "SoI" or "Periapsis." I've always taken it to be the periapsis time, but you could probably do either and it would be okay so long as the time scale of the transfer arc is much, much longer than the amount of time the spacecraft spends in the target body's SoI. Also note that the burns are going to be slightly different from MFMS to MA because of the fact that you have to actually escape an SoI in MA. In MFMS, those delta-vs might be shown in an SoI, but they're honestly just approximations of the real burn because MFMS doesn't actually do anything with SoIs. That's why the burns can be a bit different between MFMS and MA.
  12. 1) Got it. Not sure how feasible it is to do simply, but I can look into it anyway. 2) So it does look like it's a rounding issue with the SFS import. I think I need to issue the recommendation that for high precision work, only the direct import from the game itself (where I pull the double values representing the orbit directly) should be used.
  13. Something is very, very off between the orbit in the SFS file and the orbit data in the MAT file. I'm not sure what, I'll let you investigate, but here's a plot of the distance between the two spacecraft (one from the SFS file and the other from the MAT file, created as an "Other Spacecraft".) Notice how the difference in initial position is ~1200-1300 km...
  14. 1) Yes, it could be. I can try to add it this weekend, shouldn't be too hard. 2) Bugs have been fixed. Thanks for the report! 3) I guess this would be possible. At each optimizer run? What would be the purpose or use case? I'll take a look! Thanks for the report.