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  1. Intersteller, MP, and $60? That's a hard pass. The graphics look amazing (assuming those actually are gameplay, and not just pre-renders), but that and what's listed is not worth the price tag to me. If the performance is significantly better for crafts, I might revisit it in a few years time. Oh, and it's not Squad. Never heard of this other game studio before. (Ok, this last bit is mostly for nostalgia )
  2. Can the editor support node snapping? What I mean is, can the current time vertical bar snap to keyframes, and can keyframes snap to the time bar? This would work for me in lieu of copy-paste (at least for now. Maybe also a synced horizontal bar/marker that also allows snapping, for snapping the curve height.
  3. Yes, I suppose I should correct myself. I do use it, I just have to restrain myself from overusing it.
  4. I don't have a console and don't follow the console version of this game, for that reason. I take it you mean there is a Mun launch base in the console version of this game, like what some new bases are on Kerbin, which I haven't used either? Yeah, that's not something I want either. It's quite possible they used the console to test a feature, see how it would be received. Given the feedback (admittedly in this small sample size) seems pretty heavily leaning towards not wanting it, Squad probably decided that feature wasn't well received, and didn't pursue it further.
  5. I remember those days. Now though, with part clipping and offset tool, it feels like cheating. I have to restrain myself from using the offset tool, as it can easily make craft that shouldn't exist. At least it hides Kracken.
  6. The last 7 days of posts weren't drip enough?
  7. Ha, yes. If they called it "spin-o-matic" I wouldn't even care.
  8. Rotor? I'm not usually one to point out scientific issue in KSP, but why is it called a rotor instead of motor? As I understand it, a rotor is the rotational part of a motor (stator being the stationary part), but the entire assembly together is a motor. Is there some other part/contraption I'm missing, which also has that name? Or does the part not work the way I think it does? Space Engineers did the same thing, calling it a rotor when it's supposed to a motor/servo.
  9. A return to Kerbin from the surface of Minmus launcher. Emergency Kerbal return for those days you run out of Fuel.
  10. As I understand it, KAS split a long time ago, and what this DLC shows off is more like KIS, but what you are referencing (attaching parts) is KAS. KIS/KAS are one of my few "must have" mods. So I'll be eagerly awaiting this to see the full features it has, and how KIS/KAS can better integrate with it. Less code for the author to maintain potentially means easier porting to new KSP releases, which means faster releases.
  11. I would agree with that. As long as the game can't be much better with newer technology, and people are willing to buy it, I don't really see a problem. If the technical debt comes to a point where it's becoming a real problem (some say it is already), then it might be worth starting over. IMO the issue isn't the amount of DLC available, it's the company, and their intentions. Take Cities: Skylines, for example. With all the expansions and DLC they offer, it leaves little doubt that expansions were part of their goal since the beginning. They intended to have expansions, and as such, likely left stuff out of the base game on purpose, so they could flesh it out better as an expansion. That is the business decision they made, and I can't fault them for that. Though if they didn't do it this way, then if they wanted to release a game with all the features the DLC offers in the base game... it would have been under development for 10 years, and still wouldn't be released. However the game itself is very well made, and looks fantastic, so there's no reason IMO for a Cities: Skylines 2. Honestly, if they did add a new one, that would irritate me. It's like with The Sims. You buy, say, Sim 3, and all it's expansions, now when Sims 4 comes out, you have to rebuy everything again, since the base Sims 4 won't include even half of what Sims 3 + Expansions had. This example is taken to the extreme, but it is a real possibility, since it happened. Squad, on the other hand, had no intention of offering DLC/expansions at the start of development (as evidenced by their poorly worded EULA back then). Note, I own both games, but only buy the DLC when it's on clearance sale. I only have a few of the Cities DLC.
  12. To flip that, at what point do you feel development should begin on a new game instead? Would you rather have KSP 3 or 4 instead? Keep in mind newer games have no guarantee that they'll still include features in the previous ones.
  13. Back when I played more, you wouldn't want a ship with more than 200 parts. So, that's not surprising. Last I played, physics reached the limit at that amount.
  14. Yeah, that's why I never get past Duna. I always start over and never make it far, even though I spend hundreds of hours playing. I think it mostly spawned from when I used a lot more parts mods, and the mods were never updated by the time I wanted to play, so I'd lose crafts.
  15. Sorry, I phrased that poorly. I wasn't addressing your points. I meant I had several points myself to lay out in relation to your post. And I see, you weren't meaning using them without credit or permission, you just meant "at all" even with modder help.