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  1. After completing Pluto, you should make this into an API for adding planets.
  2. So, you found a way to integrate it? How did you do it?
  3. Use MechJeb's Landing Autopilot when you are approaching, it will give you your orbit after aerobraking.
  4. Protractor, MechJeb, NovaPunch, Erkle's docking, EscapePod.
  5. I leave a trail of dead bodies behind me, but I might attempt this time trial.
  6. Well, the real N1 was notorious for breaking up about 60 seconds into the flight.
  7. Could you put Earth in there, just for comparison? Maybe Luna as well?
  8. Jeb is in a rover on Duna, waiting to be picked up and Bill and Bob are on Kerbin.
  9. Can you make it account for the orbital eccentricity? My last Duna mission just missed because Duna was at apoapsis.
  10. Nope, it's basically a liquid engine with ridiculously high ISP. It doesn't refill fuel, it uses it very slowly, and there are no batteries, I just increased the weight to compensate, because it's a infinite resource anyway.
  11. The ISP should increase as air gets thinner. However, it does the opposite with some engines here.
  12. I use two NovaPunch NERVAs and a half-size 3 meter tank for my heavy transfer stage and they work great. The balance is nice. About the K2-X, I would like if it were to be upscaled, but then we would be missing an engine of that type. Also, I disagree with the ISP values on engines that perform better inside the atmosphere. I understand that it's for specializing them, but It's impossible in RL and I don't think you should use it here.
  13. There is a picture in kerbal.net post, give me just a sec...
  14. Beautiful mod, works perfectly. For the time being, would recommend it over alternatives.
  15. A simple .cfg and texture edit of the LV-909 engine, does not require plug-ins so I've included the weight of the solar panels in the engine weight. Based of VASIMR ISP, so it's not extremely overpowered. Thrust is 10 for playability reasons, use Alt + . to activate physical warp anywhere. Sadly burns the same fuel as regular engine. I'm not sure about any licensing stuff so I would appreciate assistance.
  16. The F-1 analogue is a bit pointless as there is no J-2 analogue except the 1-meter K2-X.
  17. This seems to be a very nice mod, you should focus on the features first and do the GUI after that.
  18. Keep working on this, some people don't want to use MechJeb. TerranCmdr's suggestion isn't in MechJeb either, and it would make this even more useful.
  19. Does this work with 0.17? It was an integral part of my shuttle launches.
  20. For me it doesn't do that; it goes to 10000x just before starting the transfer and all works fine.
  21. I tested the version r4mon put up with unlimited time warp. Few observations: Can not transfer to lower planets, just keeps circling saying "moving to injection burn point" Doesn't warp 100000x to mid-course corrections, doesn't do them correctly (missed Jool, almost Duna, but wrong periapsis) Comes out of warp for the injection burn correctly. If you can fix those two issues, this would be awesome.
  22. Can you please make it use 100000x time warp for warping to planetary transfer burns? It could detect in which SoI it is and adjust time warp usage based on that.
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