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  1. None of these guys, except for Felipe, was in " the original KSP team"... New people come in and some of them leave as years go by...
  2. Man, thanks so much... I didn't even know something like scatterer existed... This is gonna be so much prettier... :-)
  3. It's basicaly just another way to write real numbers with floating point... the E means *10 and the number behind E is it's exponent... so for example 4E-05 = 4*(10^(-5)) = 0,00004
  4. Sometimes I run into similar problems... I figured it's caused a bit by micro-oscilations due to the too low amount of struts... it simply wobbles just a bit and because it's that many parts that wobble each in other direction, it keeps you moreless straight BUT almost uncontrollable... (happened to me, but doesn't mean it's what's causing your problem, but when it comes to me - worth a try) hope it helps...
  5. Hey there guys... this happens quite often if you transfer between two SOI while warping... this particular problem that I'm talking about can be fixed by returning from warp to normal speed a bit before the transfer occurs... then you have to wait until the transfer to the other SOI happens and when you hit the other SOI, you can time warp again (why do I get the feeling that I made this explanation too hard to understand? )
  6. Fyzzi


    Ello dere! it's nice you showed up... I'm pretty confident you're gonna have a nice stay with this awesome community KSP players make... Best of luck in your space endeavours... let your blow ups be full of joy... (sounds pretty weird )
  7. Welcome Good luck with your space endeavours... the community is really nice so I hope you're gonna have a nice stay
  8. Yeah, reseting the trim as Claw suggested should deffinately solve the problem, but since nobody else suggested it - you should switch to the spinning craft and press T to apply SAS... that will remain switched on even after you switch back to your previous craft...
  9. yeah... seems to be my case as well... spring struggle begins, huh? good luck with your ARM though and btw - it's not unbelievable at all that you didn't need to launch anything at any specific inclination yet... I'm trying to avoid that as much as I can as well even after years of playing KSP... it's good to have these orbits in some cases, but it really complicates everything if you don't really need it...
  10. First of all - you don't show much in the pic here so it's really not obvious which way you're traveling, what's your orbit and so on... anyways, if you're not sure about how to get into properly inclined orbit from launch, just launch a spacecraft with equatorial orbit (as usual) then target the asteroid and place a maneuver node on the "descending" or "ascending" node... it's shown as green markers on your orbit in the map view... putting a maneuver node there and doing an inclination maneuver there (mess around with the purple nodes while creating the maneuver node) should do the job... then it's just a matter of burning prograde at the right time to get yourself an asteroid encounter
  11. You're welcome I'll be happy to chat more should you want to just PM me here on the forum... Good luck in your space endeavours
  12. Welcome, Christian Good to see another mate who's going crazy about KSP... I play KSP for almost two years now and there hasn't been a moment, when I would regret buying the game... also the community is really awesome, so I hope you enjoy your stay, best of wishes in your space endeavours and feel free to contact me via PM should you want to chat a bit more it's always nice to see somebody from the same timezone and exchange some experience
  13. Fyzzi

    EVA control

    Actually, it's better than watching sci-fi battles with real physics... that would be really painful to watch I still like when F302 fight against the enemy in Stargate but you're kinda right... it opened my eyes as well... now I really get many many many more things that have something in common with physics... all of it makes so much sense now
  14. Hi there and welcome to our community Interplanetary "level" is actually pretty hard to achieve if you're new, but you've correctly pointed out two places that are easiest to begin with - Duna and Eve (although Eve is sort of a one way trip, because of it's dense atmosphere)... Now to get to the advice First of all, you should try to land quite a lot of missions on the Mün and the Minmus, as you will really need to be confident about orbital maneuvers and landings... then I would suggest trying to get to the orbit of the Mün and getting to the Minmus from there (as it's the same mechanics as you're gonna use while traveling from Kerbin to other planet around the Sun)... Then you're good to go interplanetary my opinion on interplanetary designs is, that you should make a good use of NERVAs (nuclear engines) as they are the most efficient engines in the game and you'll get the most dV out of them... try experimenting with the designs using these, until you get familiar with it... SPOILER For example, I use one wide fuel tank (half the size of the orange one), then I strap 4 of one meter wide long tanks on the sides and NERVAs to the bottom of each of those... that's my interplanetary stage... and then I do similar thing with the lander, where I use symetry of two of those engines (that's enough)... I get more than 8k dV including science instruments with this setup
  15. Hello good people of this great community I just wanted to stop by and say merry christmas and happy new year full of love, luck, health and of course many blown up spacecrafts Fyzzi