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  1. My bad it was winter owl. Here you go This is the most recent but there is a large collection of more.
  2. White Owl is doing a lets play of this on youtube.
  3. [mod]Take it to PM. This is not the place for this. This is about an addon. Personal attacks are not allowed.[/mod]
  4. [mod]please do not create spam with posts that contribute nothing to discussions [/mod]
  5. I don\'t watch MLP but this thread is AWESOME!
  6. its seemed suspicious because I recognized those parts and he had a download link. [mod]For anyone who doesn't know. You only need to post the .craft file found in your ksp/ships folder. If it uses mods just list the mods used. Other members will find them all.[/mod]
  7. [mod]I moved it to the correct section, Spacecraft Exchange. Note to everybody: It is perfectly fine to post .craft files but redistributing another person's work without permission is against the rules.[/mod]
  8. you mean this f-302? if so I want it naow!
  9. I think the green/white was unique but the grey/tan works better in combinations because there is more contrast
  10. I think he means parts that put you in different orbits like low kerbin orbit or munar orbit.
  11. noob? Really? I am perfectly capable of getting to the mun and landing. These parts help get big things in orbit that are impossible to get past the atmosphere as well as let people try orbital rendezvous
  12. when we get campaign mode we should actually have some more parts
  13. could you make more parts then? So we could a lko kso or mun parts without reloading the game
  14. Finally found it. Now Jupiter can finally be a moon of Kebin! For about 30 seconds
  15. what does it look like and what category is it in? I lost it in the sea of part
  16. Looks nice. The angular top works well with the cylindrical sides and the angular fuel tank.
  17. Go with yellow. It\'s a wider effect so you can use less than 30 without it looking weird
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