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  1. http://www./download/qpeqmx8d69zrauu/cloudLayers.cfg Here's a version without the haze around Minmus, Mun, Moho, Eeloo, and Dres. Just drag and drop it over the existing file in the /Gamedata/BoulderCo/Clouds/ folder. @Proot: What were you going for with these, and is it maybe our GPUs that are making it look like an atmosphere? I'd like to see a screenshot of how they look on your computer to see if it's less pronounced.
  2. Yep, still happening. It's a shame, because every other part of the pack is great - I'm going to try and go in and manually delete the cloudlayers from the .cfg file later, if I'm successful I'll put the modified version up for people having the same issue.
  3. The cloudlayers.cfg in the BoulderCo folder still specifies a bunch of atmospheric layers, including the (Three!) I saw on Moho. I'm using an nvidia 780, latest beta drivers, if the clouds are fixed for you, are you using something similar?
  4. Downloaded the hotfix, unrared it right over the old files, and I've still got the haze around the moons, as well as Moho, Dres, and Eeloo. Looks very strange for bodies that don't have atmosphere.
  5. Otis, it's attempting to roll the ship so that the navball has a level horizon (The Zero in the roll field). You might try 90 or 270 for a rocket since they're rolled at a right angle from a 90 degree heading launching off the pad. You could also rotate the whole ship in the VAB so it starts out with the bottom of the ship facing east. That'll keep it from going nuts.
  6. The transparent window glitch is caused by something going screwy with the mechjeb_settings_type*.txt files in the plugindata folder. I've had it happen a few times installing and removing some mods, but I can reset it by deleting all of the settings files except mechjeb_settings_global.txt.
  7. You can use a docking port and "control from here" on that as well, I had a similar problem with a VTOL ship I made.
  8. Hey, wanted to let you guys know the new version is MUCH more solid on the runway. I was able to fly the cargo plane around a bit before the back fell off, but now I can at least strut the fuselage extenders and mitigate some of that wobble. The example space plane was rock solid (Didn't make it to orbit, but that's my fault). I'll do some more testing later with a exploration vessel I'm working on, but on a whole it's much easier to use the parts. I was also wondering - maybe you guys could add fuel to some of the adapters and intake parts? They're HUGE, and sometimes it's hard to create the design you're looking for because there's no propellant in these parts. As they're bigger than the actual fuel sections, it seems like not having any fuel in them is a big waste of space.
  9. I've used struts, but I don't think it's mechjeb - my ships fall apart on the runway before I even turn on the engines - like they can't even handle the force of gravity on the joints.
  10. I'm having a lot of difficulty putting anything together with the B9 pack, even if I build a ship in the SPH, the whole thing breaks apart at the joints between fuselage sections - this happens with any of the new ship parts. Are you guys just using the dev console for unbreakable joints when making these ships or something?
  11. I've been putting extra docking nodes on the sides of large station modules and using multiple tugs. My tugs carry a lot of RCS, a little bit of fuel, and move with RCS or the little radial engines. Putting one on either side of a large payload and controlling from the docking point on that payload keeps things pretty balanced. The nice thing about the little RCS tugs is that they're pretty light if they're all RCS, and if you design a rocket to carry them you can deliver three or four to a station at a time.
  12. He won't cut it down because it's this model, which he's passing off as his own.
  13. The spasms happen every 6 km travelled. They happen at launch +6km/12km/18km too, but since you're moving 6km every 3 seconds in orbit it's much more noticeable.
  14. The TU-160 Blackjack was the Soviet knockoff of the American B-1.
  15. I use the Xbox controller, you can map the axis in the control menu. I use left thumbstick for pitch and yaw, right stick for roll and RCS forward and backwards, and the D-pad for RCS translation control. The trigger's don't map correctly, so you can't bind them to roll the ship. The only negative about this setup is it's great for a spacecraft, but awkward to fly a spaceplane with the pitch and roll on different sticks.