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  1. For millennia the kerbal kind lived and grown in underground caves, that were comfortable and worked well with his no-very-smart and wild life style. The kerbals thought the universe was an infinite potato, crossed by his galleries . They believed that everything revolved around them... Some dared to rise to the Kerbin surface (without much interest and by necessity) but none of those trips transcended until Colon Kerman, a former adventurer, who claimed to have discovered that Kerbin it was not an infinite potato... it was a spherical potato with limits, with an entire surface to discover!. And even more: Kerbin revolved around a huge potato of fire that illuminate everything! ...and they named it as "Kerbol". Thus ended the dark age of the kerbal kind and began his Age of Discovery . But that was only the beginning. When finally the kerbals had adjusted to the idea of living in a huge (but limited) potato orbited by kerbol, hitherto unparalleled geniuses came to initiate a genuine cultural revolution and above all... scientific! Kerbals as Leon Kermanci, Lileo Kermanlei, Nico Kermanicus or Isac Kermanewton, that with its studies and experiments dared to question everything set: the universe is immensely large and is governed by specific forces that can be understood and used; Kerbin is only a planet that orbits actually Kerbol, along with many others yet to be discovered. Suddenly, a beautiful immensity was opened to the Kerbal species. He had begun his Renaissance. So what is KSPRC ? The Renaissance Compilation, or KSPRC, is a compilation of artworks and configurations by Proot (a.k.a. Tato) for some of the most popular sonorous and visual mods for KSP, in order to get the most immersive and beautiful vanilla experience. Here you can see a video of the early stages of development, now is much better! New screenshoots coming soon. Note that all images are in-game. That means, what you see here is what you get. How to use KSPRC? Just merge the content of the .zip inside your "Kerbal Space Program" folder, overwriting any file necessary. DISCLAIMER: THIS MOD CAN OVERWRITE TEXTURES AND CONFIG FILES FROM THE GAME AND SOME MODS! I'm not responsible if you accidentally overwrite any of your previous stock or personalized files or configs!! For the best and most secure installation, put this pack on a clean installation of KSP. If you can't or you don't want to do it, please, do a backup of all your personalized data before use this. This pack is intended only for entertaiment, has nothing to do with Squad and I don't respond for derivated problems. KSPRC IS POWERED BY: "Texture Replacer" by shaw (MIT license / Copyright © 2013-2015 Davorin Učakar, Ryan Bray) "Environmental Visual Enhancements" by Rbray89 (MIT license / Copyright © 2013 Ryan Bray) "Scatterer" by blackrack (GPLv3 / Copyright © 2015 Ghassen Lahmar) "Kopernicus" by Thomas P. with NathanKell and KillAshley (GNU GPL / Created by BryceSchroeder and Teknoman117) "Kopernicus Expansion" by MrHappyFace (GNU GPL) "Distat Object Enhancement" by MOARdV (Creative Commons [cc-by] / Created by Rubber Ducky) "PlanetShine" by Valerian (Apache license 2.0 / Copyright 2014, Valerian Gaudeau) DOWNLOAD: SPACEDOCK CURSE TO INSTALL: Just drag the content from the .zip file inside your "Kerbal Space Program" folder (in .../Kerbal Space Program/GameData/). This is for free. I do this for fun & my love to KSP but it took me a lot of time, so if you think this worth something and you want to do a donation for a hot coffee... I'll be truly grateful. Thank you! Frequently Asked Questions: - How many resources consume this modification? This modification involves using several mods and adds songs, sounds and textures in high resolution, which implies an inevitable high increase in the memory usage. That's why force the OpenGL or DirectX11 mode is pretty necessary for the moment. Play this on Linux 64bit is more pleasant. - KSPRC in RSS? Yes and no. Probably can be adapted without much trouble, but it has not been designed for it, and is not contemplated atm. If you play RSS and want to adapt it, please, share the results to reach as many people as possible. LICENSES: KSPRC is licensed as CC-BY-ND (meanwhile this does not conflict with other previous/higher licenses). The KSP Main Theme version is a Emil Persson's work. Licensed as CC-BY. You can hear it here: https://soundcloud.com/emil-persson-12/kerbal-space-program-main ©Music: Lead Dev. HarvesteR at Squad | kerbalspaceprogram.com/ The two paulstretched versions created for me from the main theme follow his original license. SPECIAL THANKS TO: - under construction - Squad for KSP and all the involved to the game. KSP community for be so fun, special, patient and GREAT! NathanKell for RSS and his patience with me. Nazari1382 for allow the use of my textures and configs in his great "Hot Rockets!" mod, with his very well done .mu parts. Emil Persson for his amazing music. rbray89 for his fantastic mods ATM and EVE. Shaw for his amazing and so fun TR and his tweaks in the visor shader. GamerGaius for his help, tests and great feedback. To Endraxial, for the inspiration, his constructivism and his 101 lessons. PizzaOverHead for his magic with the sound on this game. The mod creators, in general, for allow this with his work and creativity. The spanish community for wait me patiently to work in future translations.
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