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  1. LOL, Aperently i dont have a choice in what to vote for I still wanted #1 but...... http://i.imgur.com/bqDxVp2.png
  2. Yay! Always wanted to play around with this mod. Thanks for updating this one.
  3. Good to know. It will probably take me forever to get farther out since my rocket building skills are lacking and i get side tracked easily by shinny objects Aha! I thought he looked differnt. I useally create a kerbal right off the bat on a fresh game and use him for first time things, for use with final frontier mod (a+ for adding support for it also, btw). When i did that iota run i used jeb and was thinking he looked different then before. Glad to know he does and it wasnt just my lack of sleep playing tricks on me, lol. I discovered a mod earlier today called Historian
  4. So ive been playing ksp since .18 or so and i think the farthest ive made it out is Minmus. Useally due to over modding, sucking at making ships or frustration with the engine and performance. Im happy to report that i just landed on Iota in a short play through and i feel like i can take on the rest of the universe now! Just wanted to say thanks for this planet pack. Although looking at the delta map right now and seeing some of the travel times does scare poor jeb a bit.
  5. Aha! Ok, guess i missed that (getting harder by the day to go without coffee). I did run without any contract packs and just strait up CC and had the error also. I'll do a bit more testing in a bit and probably post a log of that if its still continueing and i dont see the root of it. And ya, the sun is renamed. EDIT: So i deleted cc and all contract packs and ran with CC by itself im still getting nonstop of cc2 output log
  6. Galileo's planet pack came out the other day, which replaces the entire solar system. Anyway, i started up a new game with it and checked my console and noticed i was being spammed with this every .0000001 second. Log file What little time i played, i was still getting contracts and things "seemed" to work fine. Granted, contract packs that would require you to visit certain locations on different planets wouldn't work because there no longer there, but that's a given.
  7. Yup, i hear ya. I havent had time to do much with this one, or anything for that matter, it looks great. What little time i did have yesterday/today, CC did work but it just spams the log file, which makes it rough to debug other things that might creep up, lol. Ill toss a generic note about it up in the CC thread here in a few.
  8. Hmm, looks like Contract Configurator isnt compatable at the moment with this due to the fact that there is no "sun" as a valid celestial body. I started a new game after i got my isntall finnaly done (yay to dropoing 30+ mods). Started a new game, and hit alt-f12 to check errors and notice this spams In the 5 mintues i was in game, it looks like i generated 300k+ lines of that spamming over and over, lol. Im gonna go drop a note over on CC thread here in a few. Heres a log to show it tho. Log File Im gonna do a couple sub mod checks of CC first to make sure
  9. Ahh, yup, disabling Research Bodies does the trick. Looks like it should now. Ok, good to know. Guess it shows how little ive used research bodies yet, lol. At least now its out there now if someone else has that problem right off the bat and doesn't know it ether
  10. Ahh, my mistake. Just found out i gotta take off for a few, so heres a screenshot of how it looked for me. While at the base, textures looked good. Im *pretty* sure its something on my part. Heck, it takes me about 10 mintues to load up. Anyway, ill do a new install and let ya know how it goes. I think the only gfx ones i had installed where like Kopernicus, svt(high res), sve(high res), eve, distance object, planetshine, scatter. Am i correct on assuming the install order would be like, Kopernicus, svt, sve, GPP. ? Actually, would stock visual textures be the c
  11. Im gonna do a reinstall first. Just glanced over your readme again and i noticed it says scatter menu shouldnt show up, but it did for me. So im sure its something i did. Ill let ya know in a hour or so after i get everything installed again.
  12. looks pretty damn awesome. Best part of this is, ill finnaly be able to visit someplace other then mun with my shoddy rocket making! heh. I did toss it into my current install and the main planet looked all grey and stuff on the map, BUT im 99.99999% sure its my install, so im doing a clean one, less mods (/knocks on wood) so i can fully enjoy this On one of my better launches i ended up going sideways around 15k or so and ran across the biome, volcanic. That pretty much sold me on this! jebs gonna get a hot new home! lol Thanks for your work you guys have done on this. g
  13. Hmm, well i am seeing a problem right now, which is probably on my side. With dangit installed, it seems the game stops loading once it gets to the mod pathfinder, when i remove dangit, it loads up fine. Takes me about 5 minutes to load up, which is normal for me, so its been slow in testing. Pretty sure its probably something on my part but i figured id just say somthing. Heres a log at and the end is where KPS hangs up on loading. KSP Log Output Log With dangit and hanging Gonna watch a tv show then ill mess with it some more.
  14. Bloody hell. Im trying to decrease the # of mods im running, not increase it :/ Thanks for updating this one, always loved it. One of the fondest memories i have of ksp is with this running, having to eva out real fast to fix something towards the peak of a launch.
  15. So ya. ive been playing ksp since the early ages and only last week did really notice that i could go around the base to different places and get lots of science at the start of a new career. /hangs head in shame. Then again ive never really made it pass minmus since i useally over mod and and i have a love/hate (mostly hate) relationship towards unity engine, lol. After all the patches and fixes and restarts, this is a lifesaver. Thanks alot!
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