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  1. 440. It is perfectly fine to leave your kerbonauts in their craft on the pad for the right phase angle to occur. 441. An interplanetary mission can be conceived, constructed, within 24 hours of your last Mun mission. 442. Most people can achieve orbit, visit the Mun and Minmus, and start an interplanetary mission within the first month of their space program. 443. Instead of using complex math calculations, aerobraking is a guessing game and bets are placed between kerbonauts to see who got it the closest.
  2. Thanks guys. I watched a documentary on the Soviet Space Program last night and today we have to do research on some code for an English project. I was hoping there was some sort of cool Cold War space program code talk. Disappointing, but interesting nonetheless.
  3. Were communications between spacecraft and the ground able to be intercepted by the other side? I assume that communications would be very different compared to on the ground. Is it possible to intercept communications to space craft, and did it happen? If so, how would it be prevented? Codes/encryption?
  4. I find my self agreeing with most other people: Scott Manley really isn't the best player out there. I am a big fan of him myself, and I will certainly agree that he is definitely one of the smartest players out there. However, he really is not that good when it comes to the actual flying part of the game. The most likely reason that he is the highest skill level in the poll is because he is very popular throughout the community *cough* accent *cough*.
  5. What I would like is to make the space center seem a little more real and lively: 1. Some paths going between the different buildings. It would make the whole space center feel connected and like a complete facility, rather than just some buildings next to eachother. 2. Kerbals walking/running around the different buildings. Imagine how funny it would look to see kerbals running between buildings, possibly tripping because they are so clumsy. And at some stage, perhaps rocket launches could take place while you are choosing your building, and all the kerbals would go running to cover because nobody told them the rocket was launching! Or just because Jeb hijacked it. Either way, it would be funny and make it feel much more lively. 3. This may or may not fit with the game, but having the occasional spaceplane come down halfway to a landing, before suddenly jerking up and flying off after the pilot realizes his landing gear is still up . These are all I can think of for now. Anybody else have suggestions?
  6. I like to use a launcher with a couple of asparagus mainsails, and after I drop them I am left with the center stack as well as an intermediate stage with a large grey tank and a Skipper engine. Problem is, they like to flop around like noodles, and I have a difficult time maneuvering when half of your ship is going right and the other half left. Assuming the two stages don't break apart. I've tried using struts between two cubic octagonal struts and attaching those to the tank, but that doesn't help a whole lot. Any suggestions?
  7. I'm 14, and to be honest, I really can't see many people of my age group finding a game like this interesting (to them). While many of them may be smarter than those 5 to 10 years ago, they lack the ability to apply this knowledge, ignoring the fact that they don't really even want to learn any of it. If you or I were to go around and ask people of the age group what their future career or goals are, most would say something involving sports or some improbable choice similar to it. I don't think I've ever heard a 14 year old (not including myself) say "I want to be an astrophysicist or a rocket scientist or biologist etc. etc. I don't want to sound like I am just ranting and applying these labels to everybody though, because I also know a fair number of people my age who are quite intelligent and have promising futures.
  8. I know that you can switch with those keys, but I want to be able to automatically start controlling the craft that I am releasing because it tends to slam into the parent craft within several seconds.
  9. Say for example, you have a spaceplane which is carrying a smaller spaceplane on it. Both cockpits are manned. When you drop the smaller one, how do you control it IMMEDIATELY, without have to switch vessels? I tried "control from here" but that hasn't helped. Is there any way I can do this or am I going to have to just manually switch every time?
  10. I've only made 4-5 rovers, and I have never gotten any of them over about 22-23 m/s. What is the fastest rover you have made? How do you optimize them for the best speed?
  11. That fixed it, but I didn't suspect this because I have had RCS thrusters at 45 degree angles before and it has never done that. Anyway, problem solved, so thanks!
  12. 1. I have tried with SAS both on and off 2. No, I have not used docking mode, and I am going to try that 3. IJKL
  13. I'm trying to dock the new 3m. viewing command pod to my space station, but when I get in close and start using RCS, it is firing two directions. I want to move my ship to the left, but it is also firing up and getting me further away. Any help?
  14. B9 pack has some red and white lights if you can stand the rest of the parts, and there is the aviation lights pack which also adds red, white, and green lights.
  15. Mine is in my signature, sorry it's really small
  16. Just a quick word of advice: If you are going to make a space shuttle in KSP, make it with engines on both sides, and try to get over the fact that it doesn't look like the real space shuttle. I used two orange tanks on either side (actually just two half orange tanks, because I think they look better and help avoid overheat) with two large SRBs on either side. I know it can get to atleast 100 km but haven't quite fully tested it yet. An orbiting ship with a robotic core, a fuel and RCS tank, and a docking port, and you can dock the shuttle and refuel enough to get to Mun. Unfortunately, I had no testing for landing in low gravity planets with the engines, and I ended up crashing.
  17. Totally didn't think about DNA! I am guessing that would cover the aspect of an alien race on a planet that was very hot. But what about atmosphere composition, would that affect DNA? What if there were no atmosphere at all? I probably sound like I am interviewing or something, apologies, but this is interesting!
  18. Non fiction fiction PREFERABLY, but I don't care too much.
  19. Just wondering, why do we look for planets that are the same as ours (besides future colonization), and when it comes to looking for aliens, why do we assume they need to have the same temperature range or atmosphere? What would stop some strange alien racing from living on Venus, if they are accustomed to the temperatures and can breath the atmosphere of the planet? Actually, just thought about this while typing the last sentence: Does it have anything to do with how it is usually assumed we evolved from small organisms from space/ meteors?
  20. This is a documentary talking about abandoning the Earth with an interplanetary ship to escape a neutron star headed into our system. It mentions the Orion project at around 19:30 Not sure if somebody has posted this already, I only quickly browsed through to check.
  21. I'm getting a bit tired of reading war/fighting/spy books ha ha (I've spent the past 2-3 months reading Cold War books, most of which are Tom Clancy). Any suggestions for books that are related to space topics? I'm looking for more on the realistic side of things, but I'm not too picky.
  22. Thanks for the suggestion. That was my main problem, was recording and editing, because I don't know any good programs to use.
  23. I REALLY apologize for the horrible quality. I'm too poor to afford any real video editing software, haha. But really do forgive for the horrible quality, and the watermarks, I'm a novice. I hope you guys enjoy!