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  1. i always wonder how it works atc in MFS i never used it, but does is hard to be ATC? in MFS And what i would need to be real atc?
  2. According to me, this is the entire Mirror Mirror ethics or lack of it is more better than regular universe. For whole life i was honest aspie boy but maybe it's better to be like Lorca Mirror Maybe i try to be pilot, lie on medical, than lie all my career
  3. I just bought it yesterday to use it Flight Simulator World and MFSX
  4. Why do Piper J-3 Cub is still so popular I read that in old days communist Poland bought license to produce in Poland and for many years it was become on and it's licensed copy most popular general aviation in Poland and Eastern Block and in World?
  5. I have Microsoft Flight Simulator X: Steam Edition and i Bought recently Flight Simulator World from dovetail But xplane is completely different i just bought and paid a lot money for itI might need to buy only canned food but i will have good flying, i LOVE AVIATION i hope i once day will have real PPL (Private Pilot License) or even ATPL license I hope that one day i become real pilot, that is the plan, and my dream
  6. I have Asperger i'm from Poland, i read about one American shuttle astronaut whom bears Polish sounding surname, but she's hardly neither badge of honor for Aspies nor for People with Polish Ancestry It can be said that there is no more dangerous force in nature than a cheated woman, in particular a cheated woman on the autism spectrum xD Well i'm little quirky gay man on Autistic spectrum :-) I loved to watch both Russian and American space launches, the live broadcasts from Houston Texas, USA or Star City(Звёздный городо́к, Zvyozdny gorodok), Russia, where American and Russian mission control center are located , when my mom was still alive i talked with her that i want be cosmonaut/astronaut, my mom used to say it's unreal because Poland not have own manned program(with i said that we're ESA) and i have autism, with i say that American Astronaut was also aspie but she flown into space, even trough she had some of her autistic meltdown My mom said that well she would prefer me in mission control like those folks or those one but i always want be like this one :-) I once asked my late mom does she not want me be astronaut because i'm Aspie? :-) And my mom replied that partially yes, but mainly because i'm just her son and she remember like the Soviets once loses their cosmonauts, and she remember like she watched Polish communist newsreel which with unlikely other communist newsreel said with high regard about trio of American astronauts who died in terrible fire in late 60's :-( And she not want to see me nor my older brother in similar settings :-( I said that it;s unlikely that anyone die in space nowadays :-)
  7. I just bought X plane 11 I just not want wait for another steam sale i just want very much I had older version of it when i was kid, i only had problem with flying it with mouse while i prefer keyboard like FSW or MFS Just wonder does i can fly this one in X-Plane and how flying choppers are different than regular airplanes, i loved choppers in BF3
  8. I want to buy steam version of it? the X-plane 11 cots 212 zł it's a loot of money and have high minimum system requestment i would like cheaper older version that i can run on my old PC I have MSFX and FSW
  9. I Already had R-7 Rocket i can save it in subassembly now i need Vostok-like craft
  10. But this is stupid! i want to recreate vostok mission how i can do this if i can do this
  12. You probably referring to this female astronaut
  13. I heard that it's part of making history i want make my very own vostok
  14. I'm Gay maybe it's homophobic but how someone who is gay be homophobic?! I'm Gay and i'm slowly accepting that facts for past 18 years!
  15. I have Asperger and and i'm sadly gay, i not like that part of my because it's sin :-(, i'm more inclined to accept that i'm Aspie than fact that I'm LGBT Once I talked to my friends about the fact that I would like to make a pilot's license, buddy knows that I'm a [snip] But I'm afraid that the doctor would not give me permission to learn to fly because I'm not a little autistic, buddy said that if I have money for a pilot license, I go to a doctor, I tell him about all my illnesses, but also about my homisexuality, if the lakcier does not give permission for flying, he is accused of homophobia because now in the EU there are regulations introduced to suppress homophobia, rent a good lawyer who proves that I was rejected not because of medical reasons but because I'm gay : D Then, a court settlement doctor gives permission to avoid a lawsuit I wonder if there are some gay cosmonauts/astronauts