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  1. Episode 40 - Arrival at Duna! The Firefly enters an orbit around Duna and releases the Firebug to descend to the surface and get our first close look at the surface of another planet. Craft used in this episode:
  2. Episode 39 - With a transfer window to Dres approaching, we design an orbiter/lander combo based on our previous probe mission to Duna. Once launched and on its way, we return to said Duna mission as it enters the Dunian system. Craft used in this episode:
  3. Episode 38 - The Pincushion and the Mossy Scuttler continue their Minmus investigations with new contracts and Jeb pilots a new experimental aircraft to record speeds and altitudes. Meanwhile, Valentina, Bill, Madya and Kerxie are tasked with erecting a science mast to monitor the conditions around the space center. Craft used in this episode:
  4. Episode 37 - Another long one. Halnie, Kerxie and Madya head out to interplanetary space aboard the Void's Company to finish contracts we missed during the voyage of the Lonely Void. On the way, they deploy a rover and impactor destined for Minmus. Craft used in this episode:
  5. Episode 36 - After taking an investor on a tour of our space center, it is discovered that a Duna launch window has opened up. A probe is rapidly developed and launched on one of our proven lifter designs before plotting an intercept course for Duna. While the probe it on its way, a successor mission to the 'Lonely Void' is prepared to deliver another impactor and a robotic rover to Minmus before again briefly visiting interplanetary space. Craft used in this episode: New images of the Joolian system (and Dres) captured by the Oculus Space Telescope:
  6. Episode 35 - Jeb, Bill and Bob embark on a voyage to beyond Kerbin's sphere of influence and drop off two probes destined for Minmus on the way. Craft used in this episode: New images captured by the Oculus Space Telescope:
  7. Episode 34 - In this, the first episode of phase 2 of our space program, we review the progress and discoveries made during phase 1 and introduce a new set of agency goals. To prepare for future interplanetary missions, the space telescope 'Oculus' is constructed and launched into space in the hope of improving upon our ground based observations of the other planets in the Kerbol system. Craft used in this episode: Images of the other planets as taken from ground based observatories:
  8. Double Feature! Episodes 32 and 33: The crew of the Turquoise Sky explore the surface of Minmus using the Surface Experiment Package and our two small flyers. Then the crew make the journey back to Kerbin with their bounty of scientific data. Craft used in these episodes:
  9. Episode 31 - Valentina, Kerxie and Madya depart from Kerbin and make the week long voyage to Minmus. Again, using the IVA view as much as possible. Craft used in this episode:
  10. Episode 30 - A new crewed mission to Minmus is designed and launched with Valentina, Kerxie and Madya aboard. This mission will be flown using the IVA view as much as possible with the help of Raster Prop Monitor. Craft used in this episode:
  11. I had this! I believe it's an issue with the (currently broken?) reflection shader in Texture Replacer. I fixed it by turning reflections off (I had it on 'real' previously. I don't know if 'static' causes the same behavior).
  12. Episode 29 - The Pincushion continues its mission around the Mün and it is decided to carry on to Minmus with our remaining fuel. Meanwhile, Kerxie and Madya continue their astronaut training. Craft used in this episode:
  13. Thanks! It's important to me that vehicles feel believable. It's been a dry month for videos but that ends now. Here's Episode 28 - New scientific instruments have been developed so a probe is dispatched to the Mün to study its magnetosphere. Meanwhile, new crew members Kerxie and Madya accompany Jeb and Valentina on a training and data gathering mission around KSC in our new heavy-duty rover. New crew members Kerxie and Madya: Craft used in this episode: Behind the Scenes - Drawing Kerbal Portraits:
  14. Thanks so much for keeping this going. It's my preferred life support mod. Are you planning to release it on Spacedock as well? I like the ability to get emails on updates.
  15. KIS can replicate the functionality of this mod? I'm desperate for a way to store science on small rovers and I was using the field scientist's pack up until 1.1. If I could add some kind of module from KIS to a probe core or something that would be great!