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  1. Here's what I've experienced so far today, enough to abbandon my missions for now. Incorrect fuel routing Sticking UI, can't remove right click menu Dead craft, go to space center and back to craft to fix Builder bugs, landing legs don't orient 90 degrees on all axis. Wheels are all ice skates Insane lag as soon as aerodynamics start Random blobs of lag, rubberbanding inputs. Feels like someone checked out a branch from a year ago.
  2. Damnit squad, I have to hate you now. Consoles need to die in a fire, there's no argument to having one. You're supposed to be luring them TO the PC.
  3. The ore consumption is defined in CFG, Time to build it, 30 secs, is defined in code. You could modify it to spawn an entire ship, but I went with realism, and tried make somehting which could be possible IRL. Spawning a whole ship would not be possible irl , but the mod does not place any restrictions on it. And it "should" not explode, but it might Thanks for the offer, if you whip something up, ill be sure to include it. Also, upon further testing, spawn position is still not correct I dno where to go from here.
  4. So I think I've fixed the position warping. Although spawning an entire craft was not my original goal, this works well enough for what I had in mind. To be able to build and launch refuel missions on another planet. Here's the latest version, and I also updated the github sources https://www.dropbox.com/s/8f65dk4uew9iccr/KSPSmelter.v0.2.7z?dl=0 Anyone know a good modeler / animator
  5. I figured out my problem might not be position, as the videos show, the vessel spawns in the correct position. And then warps once physics are enabled... *sleepless nights continue*
  6. Thanks, but right now this is the only code I have for positioning: GameObject launchPos = new GameObject(); Vector3 worldPosition = _srcPart.transform.TransformPoint(_spawnOffset); launchPos.transform.position = worldPosition; Transform launchTransform = launchPos.transform; _newConstructRootPart.localRoot.transform.Translat e(launchTransform.position, Space.World); And it still results in the same warping (notice it spawns at -15m in the debug log?) You even explained it quite nicely here: http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/105756-transform-position-changes-after-revert-flight-to-launch And there's a solution too, yet I still can't fathom it or get it to work properly. Seems so simple
  7. You are indeed completely right Crzyrndm. The difference is gone (should've seen that) sarbian, that is exactly what I'm trying to do, but it should also follow the parts rotation, so it spawns in precisely the same spot relative to the part each time. I'll take a look at it. *edit Vector3 worldPosition = this.part.transform.TransformPoint(_spawnOffset); #Resume worldPosition = "(-4.9, 0.0, -0.3)" #Load new worldPosition = "(-6.9, 0.0, 1.1)" #Resume worldPosition = "(-4.8, 0.0, -0.3)" Relative to the part's system, should they not be static? Excuse my comments, no idea if they're right. Vector3 worldPosition = this.part.transform.TransformPoint(_spawnOffset); //Get launch transform posistions GameObject launchPos = new GameObject(); launchPos.transform.position = this.part.transform.position; launchPos.transform.rotation = this.part.transform.rotation; //Get Transform Transform launchTransform = launchPos.transform; //Extract ToAngleAxis data from selected spawning location launchTransform.rotation.ToAngleAxis(out angle, out axis); //TRANSFORM localRootPart posistion and apply offset _newConstructRootPart.localRoot.transform.Translate(launchTransform.position + _spawnOffset, Space.World); //TRANSFORM Rotate localRootPart in relation to root _newConstructRootPart.localRoot.transform.RotateAround(launchTransform.position, axis, angle);
  8. Thanks, Looking at it, I get the following: #Working (Launch Scene) origin = "(-278.3, -3.2, -351.4)" this.part.transform.position = "(-5.2, 0.0, 3.6)" #Incorrect (Resume Flight Scene) origin = "(-280.4, -3.1, -350.0)" this.part.transform.position = "(-3.1, 0.0, 2.1)" #Working (New Launch Scene) origin = "(-278.3, -3.2, -351.4)" this.part.transform.position = "(-5.2, 0.0, 3.6)" Pretty consistent, yet the differences don't seem to add up, can you elaborate on its function? Same process, different vessel, looks like this:
  9. The thing is, that when I launch from VAB, everything works perfectly over and over. Leave it on the launchpad, goto spacecenter and come back, the position is now calculated with the wrong result. Same ship, hasn't moved an inch on the pad ( i realize it moves in relative terms because its a sphere, but my readouts are constant the first time). I actually use this.part.transform.position to get the position I want, and create a new transform from that + a small vector offset. It just dosn't return the same result =/
  10. Yes, if you save them as a craft from the VAB and move the saved .craft file to PluginData and replace one of the existing .craft files. Individually? maybe, if they can be saved as a .craft in the VAB Yes, havn't tried KAS yet, but it should work aswell as Infernal robotics. I'm not familiar enough with KIS to say.
  11. Updated github and added a new dropbox link : https://www.dropbox.com/s/4mrdcna8nzipnib/KSPSmelter.v0.1.7z?dl=0 Now has resource usage. Ore / ElectricCharge It will pause the print if you run out of ore, and slow down if electricity drops.
  12. Thanks, how much later? The ship is waiting on the pad, untill I click the parts' right click menu to read the position.
  13. Bit late on the reply. But why yes I could. As in, they would take ore and electricity to manufacture. Here's an incredibly boring video of me having an 'all in one craft' mine, build and launch supply ships. I'm just currently bogged down in posistioning. //This function is inconsistent, input is the same every time, yet it returns 0 0 0 when resuming from cache/save, instead of //returning correct value Vector3 calculatedPosWhenResume = this.part.vessel.mainBody.GetWorldSurfacePosition(this.part.vessel.latitude, this.part.vessel.longitude, this.part.vessel.altitude); //Same goes for Vector3 worldPos = this.part.vessel.GetWorldPos3D();
  14. I have a followup to my question. When loading vessels on the launch platform, the posistion can change whether you launched it, or came from the space center. (slight ...) this.part.vessel.GetTransform().posistion is -12,8 0 8 when launching vessel from vab this.part.vessel.GetTransform().posistion is 0 0 0 when returning to same vessel on launchpad from Space Center How can i always get the first position result?
  15. Hi, so I have this problem spawning parts: Notice the warp that happens just as physics enable? Anyone know what this is caused by? Vessel posistion, Protovessel posistion, orbit? something else entirely?