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  1. Quoting for awesomeness and keptin is defiantly better then I am with texturing and modelling. Good Job m8. Makes me warm and fuzzy
  2. You guys have been pulling it off perfectly... got good faith in the decisions you 2 make Got some free time... got a moon to mine
  3. I see Keptin watched the live-stream Good work on this, now you also got to make it happen - Make me proud!
  4. Eh... I don't understand it fully atm. Tried to look for proper tutorial but can't find it. Can somebody point me to one?
  5. Somehow it can't extract the files for me? Would you mind a regulair zip?
  6. Notification: Kethane Plugin has been donated to "Majiir" who has the development skills to develop Kethane. I'm not able for the task anymore and I prefere it to give it to somebody else then let it die and neglect it. He will make a new thread about it in the near future. He will be the new owner of Kethane (he will still get to me for advice time to time). I want to thank all the "fans" for supporting us and downloading all our pack. We recently reached the 26.000 downloads! Payload pack & Satellite pack will stay in this thread and I - might - continue on those instead of Kethane.
  7. I'm just the artist and who does all the dirty job. Kulesz is the one who does the actual coding.
  8. I still haven't heard anything from kulesz yet . I will give it another week and then I will donate the kethane plugin to somebody who can take it over and develop it further.
  9. There is a sourcecode link on the main page. Currently I'm trying to get in contact with kulezs again (apparently he is reallllly busy). I'm going to scrap some ideas and just release a proper mod so the community can develop it further and use Kethane for their own rockets. Very maybe I will "donate it" but still have to consider that. Sorry it takes so long people.
  10. I didn't stop, other things have priorities and that counts the same for kulesz. And regarding priorities, they have a reason which remain private, but if I told you guys... then you would understand it. Family and work is just simply more important.
  11. Kethane is officially not supported for .17 but it works sporadically here and there. Kulesz has a lot of the code in place but he is simply not ready with it yet and his real-life has currently priorities. All I can say is you have to wait, in the meanwhile, I'm close to finishing another pack but with that, I'm also waiting for an update from 2 plugins.
  12. Yes, Jool is a Ketane Gas Giant in my eyes. I have to wait for some updates of 2 plugins before I can finish the new solar panels and batteries.
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