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Found 1 result

  1. New Development Thread Check out what we do and what we are creating Overview of all MMI Mods, thx to Stimpy! Watch & Subscribe! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Team-members of MMI Dani-Sang - Creative Side (Concept, Modeling, Texturing & Animations + Founder of MMI) Kulesz - Plugin Developer Barie - Dedicated Tester / Balancer JohnnyD - Creative Side (Modeling & Texturing) We are not recruiting anymore ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --DOWNLOAD-- CURRENT VERSION: BETA 0.1 - 15th of August 2012 - Created by Dani-Sang & Kulesz Note: Always remove old Parts and Replace them with newest version!!! Required Plugins: MMI_Kethane(included with the file) - Sourcecode THX TO DDAVIS FOR THE WONDERFULL VIDEO!!! Kethane is a gas based on the idea of Methane, however within this game we are changing it and make it a universal gas. We are planning to do a lot of stuff with it. Such as making it a special fuel which works diffrent then Liquid, up to maybe terraforming planets? Who knows? In the next paragraphs I will tell you the process of finding Kethane and making it usefull for you. Kethane is in abundance at Ninmus and at the Mün and there is little at our home planet. Kethane is generated randomly for every user and with every restart of a persistence file. In order to track it down you would need atleast a "Controller" and a "Sensor". Like ISAMapsat you send out a satellite to the celestial object and start looking for pockets of Kethane. Ones you have found Kethane, you can send miners to the specific location to gather Kethane for personal use. Currently all Kethane pockets have a depth of 2m but that will change in the future ones we incorporate more miners. Sensor will also indicate the depth of each of those pockets. Kethane pockets will eventually dry out and you would need to move to a new pocket if you want to mine more. But what can you do with this Kethane? Currently Kethane can be pumped to other vessels for which then can convert their fuel into RCS or Liquid Fuel (with a Converter obviously). In the next patch we will have also a Engine that runs on Kethane. So go out, find a pocket, setup a remote mining base and refuel your rockets with the awesome power of Kethane. Kethane parts: Controller (the brains) - You need to use this part or other parts won't work. Medium Sensor Medium Converter Medium Pump Small Miner FuelTank External (for now they are empty) FuelTank 1m Regular (for now they are empty) Small Engine (not included in this version, upcomming version it will) RCS & Liquid Fueltank CANNOT be refueled when they are drained empty. We cannot fix issue, this is part of the game. RCS bar indicator does not update properly like the liquid fuel tank. To fix this you need to give a RCS thrust pulse and it will be updated. We cannot fix issue, this is part of the game. There can be a bug that something is not working properly, whether that be the pump, sensor, miner or anything else. Leave the vessel by going to the spacecenter and then go back to your vessel. Most of the time the issue will be fixed. (However this barely happens) If you restart/delete a persistence file, then also remove the drawn maps + deposits.dat (which you can find within PluginData/mmi_kethane/) or there is a chance that the mod won't work properly. If all above does not describe your problem or bug, then please a proper bug report so we can replicate it AND fix it. "invalid part configuration" happens when you don't have a Controller fitted OR have more then 1 of the following: Sensor & Converter. Don't have 2 controllers fitted at the same time, they will work against eachother. There is a bug where you have to redraw the maps, this is a bug that ISA mapsat has too and we are looking into solution. There is a possibility that the Kethane Scanner & ISAmapsat & Mechjeb are interfering with eachother and making the game unplayable. (This doesn't seem to be a issue of plugin but the game itself) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --DOWNLOAD-- CURRENT VERSION: 1.01 - 19th of August - Created by JohnnyD No plugins required. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YC1FtN0dbY4&feature=youtu.be Payload Commentary Payload pack gives you the ability to create a wide variation of different payload fairings with the a small amount of parts. Pack Contains: 1m -> 2m Adapter 2m -> 2m Adapter 2 Side Fairings 3 Top Fairings Payload fairings don't seem to be able to have symitry option availible. We are looking into this issue 1.0 First Release 1.01 Symmetry bug release ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ --DOWNLOAD-- CURRENT VERSION: 1.0 - 8th of August - Created by Dani-Sang Note: Always remove old Parts and Replace them with newest version!!! Required Plugins: PowerTech + MuMech Solarpanels & MuMech (MechJeb) Notice: Satellite Pack is not being build upon more and won't be updated for future versions. Most of it's models can be found back @ Kethane pack or external resources such as Kreuzung's energy plugin. This pack will remain downloadable but take in count that it will drop off the face of the earth ones new patches come in and making this pack obsolete. If solar panels don't work please check this post: http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/showthread.php/13692-Mechanical-Mouse-Industries-Kethane-Payload-Packs-Released!!!?p=271183&viewfull=1#post271183 Whats in the Pack?: - External Fuel tanks: RCS, Liquid & Battery Energy - 3 Different Bare hulls - Solar Panels - Satellite Dish - Ion Engine - Satellite Command Module Since v1.0 - Landing Legs - Small Liquid Fuel Hull - RetroThrusters - If solar panels aren't working, You are forgetting the Powertech-Mumech adapter plugin. Direct Download link --> http://www./?99l9b9w291idg9g - "This part type isn't available in this version of KSP" ---> you forgot to download plugins. - In order too make the External Liquid Fuel Tank work is to put a fuel line on it and then to a hull. No solution available atm. I'ts how the game works. - For everyone that doesnt see the glow effects on the parts, try turning off fallback part shaders in the game settings menu(it needs a game restart to take effect) - Batteries "Die" when they are drained empty. No solution at this moment, its an issue of the plugin. Can't fix it. - Don't block the path of the landing engines or make other stuff intersect with it, you will make your vessel crash! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ License: Nobody is allowed to copy models in anyway or modify them for their own use. We will have a specific opensource thread (link above) about what you are able to use and what not. Plugin(s) have a different license based on GPL and can be found within the sourcecode of the plugin(s).
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