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  1. Whatshtisthis

    Tweakable Lift or stabilizer...?

    Do you have rudders on it? Is it rolled slightly to the right when you re-enter?
  2. Catching other planes in mid-air, of course. Who's up for some Plane-Wrestling?
  3. Whatshtisthis

    Exotic Vessels [redone]

    Hmmm. Does this count? Made it a week or 2 back, 72 parts, fully stock. I think it counts as a replica since it's basically the gerwalk mode of the VFs from Macross. Yes, it's basically a VTOL.
  4. Whatshtisthis

    What is your 'Specialty' in KSP?

    Used to build rockets, now I'm just doing atmospheric planes, with the occasional SSTO/Rocket Plane.
  5. Whatshtisthis

    Post your planes of any type here! [.23]

    It may not look like it, but it has 4 sets of the combined turbojet-basicjet, for a total of 8 engines. It turns like a brick. With that thrust, it was a pity I didn't find the transient facts, but I did feel the info high.
  6. Whatshtisthis

    Who else has had this brilliant idea?

    Why not, land the asteroid, then make it into the core of a giant hovering platform?
  7. Whatshtisthis

    The "Other" Runways

    I tried "Easy". Went off the length of it after I smashed my right wing on the Mk1 Pod Memorial, the resulting partial roll destroyed what remains of my wings.
  8. Whatshtisthis

    Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

    Note to self: Too much Ace Combat.
  9. Whatshtisthis

    Space Battleship Yamato (Yamoto? Yomoto? umm...)

    Looks good. Some extra photos from different angles would be nice though.
  10. Whatshtisthis

    I'm having a creativity crisis

    Do silly stuff.
  11. This. Looking at what people did when you can't get something to work in KSP is fine, of course, if you're sharing the .craft file, it's always good to thank the maker of the craft you referred to.
  12. Whatshtisthis

    Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

    That's why I said I remember love.
  13. Whatshtisthis

    Show off your awesome KSP pictures!

    Taking VTOL to the next level. Yes, I do remember love.
  14. Whatshtisthis

    L series interceptor (will be updated)

    Move the rear landing gears back more, with your thrust-to-weight ratio, you don't need to worry about the take-off speed. That should help with landing.
  15. Whatshtisthis

    Disappearing ship after data transmission

    Did you revert your flight or something?