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  1. I really couldn't think of a better place to put this post than in the general discussion, so with that said, here we go. Kerbal Space Program is a great example of how the early access model can be used responsibly and effectively to achieve a game that both fills the initial design scope and use fans to help improve and prioritize the goals of the game. For example, I have logged something near 1500 hours of KSP time, from about version 0.12 right up until now, which is more than any other game I have ever played (including any one Civilization game). I felt that when Squad asked for money to have access to the "full version", they did so in a responsible manner. When I bought the game at 0.14, I thought that the features they were had in the game were worth the asking price (I think it was about $10). This allowed Squad to get paid while the game was in progress and the fans to have a hand in debugging and directing the game. When more features would get added, the price would go up to match the amount of features in the game at the time, not what would eventually be added (as many games on steam early access would have you do). The community surrounding this early game were dedicated fans who wanted to see KSP come to its full operational state. It was truly an amazing spectacle to behold. Then, KSP went onto the steam store, and opened the game to a wider audience, and more importantly, they did so when the game had enough working and implemented features to be fun and playable for the people who were just getting into the game at the time of the steam release. As such, the game community grew and was largely enriched by this and Squad was able to continue to make the game that most fit their vision and our desires. However, this did come at a small cost. A few sentences ago, I mentioned that I have played close to 1500 hours of KSP. No matter how great a game is, early access has one flaw, people can and do get burned out before the game is released. This is not me saying that the game is bad or that I wanted something else from Squad. Quite the opposite actually, I feel that KSP was shaped just as much by Squad as it was me and the other community members, both old and new. What all that was set up as was a method to convey this, Squad nailed the early access model on the head, but it comes with a small cost. What are your feelings about this, am I way off base, or do you agree with me?
  2. I would like a quick vote before my next piece, should I continue to use the Hellion III or be allowed to use the new parts from economic boom? your call, comment and let me know
  3. Mad props to Xacktar, thanks man, I still need to iron out some frame rate issues around landing, but I really like this software... That having been said, I hope everyone both posting and watching this colab series enjoys it. Shout out to Paprika for setting up the forum page, thanks man, glad to be working with you again.
  4. very carefully, based on how many parts I saw, how many classes of SSTO there are and the destinations.
  5. Cheers all, I am still alive! I have just been busy with work... ugh, such work, much stress...wow okay I am still here, and I realize epi 6 is actually 140 points as I forgot to give you the vanilla award in epi 1 @ Kokanee: I am assuming that you are have run only 2 missions at this point and have 1 station (with a total of 15 pre qualifier points), am I correct? Also, right smart videography on the orbit over the pole Cake, well done, I would say that is worth 3 points if you want them for impressing me (if you want them)
  6. haven't the foggiest, I would check the BB code for that, and or the forum
  7. yeah, no more bonus points for you... in case you were wondering, the break down is as follows 5 points for the video, 5 points for making me laugh irl
  8. kk, here we go 1a.) totally legal 1b.) so long as the parts are stock, you're good 2.) IDK, I could throw on like 5-10 points for that... sure why not 3.) Nope, this challenge contiues Ad infinitum ad astra (to infinity to the stars) 4.) none what so ever (but in the spirit of the challenge and for the People for Ethical Treatment of Kerbals, I would try to land them safely... even ditching in the ocean is cool) 5.) I suppose I could work one up... will prlly be like the MICR crest 6.) please do... I love free publicity P.S.) I feel like the current system works fine for that... in theory if you can build a station/ base on Laythe, you can also build one on Duna and Ike
  9. This is just my personal preference, I feel space planes are easier to recover and refuel in an RP type situation
  10. Because the Octopus in my head told me to run the challenge thusly... tbh, it is a more design and practicality focused limitation... it would be possible to load up an SSTO (like in Scott Manley's reusable space program) that took off from the launch pad, in my RP based mindset, it would be easier to maintain a plane like craft VS one that would *hypothetically* need a crawler to get to the pad... plus horizontal landings make for easier recover in real life (less resources expended). Hope that answered my decision
  11. to simplify the rules, if it goes to or is intended to go to space, it counts as a space plane class for the contest (unless it is a payload)... that said, HALO dropping flags with standard jets is fine... so long as that is all they are used for
  12. righto, everything is fine... I am a doof... you are clear to begin the challenge uberyuber!
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