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  1. Hi guys, I remember ages ago there was a mod that allowed recovered stages to be reflown as spacecraft rather than just recover the funds and the build a new one. I have searched and searched and I cannot find it anywhere. Ideally I would be recovering my shuttle and reflying it rather than paying for a new shuttle everytime.... Also my Falcon 9 analogue. I would love to refly landed booster stages. Could someone point me in the right direction? On a seperate note - Is there a mod that logs the flight once it hace completed? As in - type of craft flown - duration orbit details. And a place for notes so that you can log what happened on the mission? Then I can have an archive of my launches? Thanks in advance! C
  2. Thanks! Yeah that's a good idea re moving mass up the stages. Though I want to be as reuseable as possible so wouldnt want to bump too much up a stage. Interesting comment on the powered landing sensibilities I hate the idea of parachutes!!
  3. Hey guys! I wonder if I can get your thoughts on how best to execute the Space X launch profile. I have a stock a like Falcon 9 that I am really proud of. However... I can't seem to determin the best and most effecient way to burn back to the launch pad. I find that I have to sacrifice so much Stage 1 dV that it makes the 1st stage less useful to orbit, it leaves too much work to the second stage. I wonder what the most effecient was of burning back to KSC is in your opinions? In order to get an efficient enough flight I have to burn at a shallow angle, but that means loads more horizontal velocity to burn back on to reverse my course to the space centre. I have a landing site on the island to the North West of KSC which is perfectly placed for this type of launch, though its still pretty close and I would love to hear your thoughts. I am saving a lot of delta V for the landing burn at this stage and would like to fine tune my launches before working on my Falcon Heavy variant! C
  4. I have no idea how licenses work, sorry. I take from what you said: it allows the editing of the original content and sharing of such edits? Only wnat to give it out if people actually think it would be useful etc... don't want to step on anyone's toes, seems like this has been quiet for a while. C
  5. Hi guys, So you have a space station in orbit full of data and you can 'Do Science' which uses electrical charge to generate science. Sounds realistic enough. However what about other resources.... To me looking at the ISS Ii see private and national space agencies garner huge reputation globally for resupplying, docking and building the station. What about that in KSP? I was think of making a part (similar to the science lab) that turns energy (or other resource) into reputation per day. Very slowly a la the science lab. That makes sense to me as a balance addition to orbital station functionality. My question though is that is this possible to do in ksp? I know you can gather science into the overall budget from flights but i think the only way of getting reputation if from contracts and milestones, is it even possible to 'generate' in game? Same for funds.... I throw that question out to the far more experienced community. C
  6. Sorry to be a pain but how do I do that for the stock 'Vector' engines?
  7. Hi guys, Don't mean to bring up this old post unnecessarily but I actually came across these pods last week and love them. I had the problem with the pod rockets having their thrustVector really off. So I opened them up in blender and fixed the incorrect angle. I also made a cargo variant with KIS that has no Kerbals, a probe module and KIS Inventory. This is basically like the dragon cargo variant. I also changed the textures so the windows are not glass, they are the hull colour, looks kinda cool. Not sure what the rules area as I know this is someone else's work but I fixed the problem I see a few people have had and would be great if people could use these pods again... maybe its worth me sharing the files? EDIT: This is in the latest version of KSP BTW
  8. Anyone getting the end yaw for the end effector coming out of the joint and hovering weirdly away from the arm? Almost like the pivot is broken?
  9. Hi guys, I'm looking to get the launch effects from Cool Rockets. I can't seem to have them working. I have a load of those 1k thrust engines at the bottom of my stack and there is no effect on them. Similarly I have no ice effect on the fuel tanks. i am sure I am missing something simple but would anyone be able to point me in the right direction?
  10. @Red Shirt I have RCS and monoprop. It just glides right past. i will try adding additional reaction wheels to see if it is just a bit screwey
  11. Hi guys, Im on the latest KSP version and the latest available CKAN MechJeb version. When I use ascent guidance it launches until apoapsis and then it goes right past the circularization node without firing the engines... is this a known thing or do I need to look into it more? I do NOT have the 'skip circularisation' option ticked. Thanks for any help!
  12. ok so on inspecting the persistent save i have found that there is no Administration entry (i searched the file fo 'Admin'). There is no destructible log or a log to state what lvl the buildings are, yet all the other building work absolutely fine...
  13. Hi there, i am continuing my save from .25 and i have found that all the other facilities work at KSp just not the administration centre. Do i have to reach a certain Rep level before it opens? I am almost in the blue sector. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  14. Hi there, I have managed to build an asymmetrical space shuttle with a cargo bay to take payloads into orbit (finally! it has taken me from about .18 to achieve this). This is with the help of throttle balancers, tweakscale and spaceplane parts plus. Now whilst i can get into orbit reliably and bring it down to the right ball park or approach (with atmospheric trajectories) i cannot for the life of me manage to get it to set down on the runway nicely. Now i have quicksaved and reloaded the approach about 50 times over the past two days and i, honest to god, have only landed 2 perfectly. The rest have been catastrophic failures. I get down to about 150 m/s speed and flare up, i fight a slight roll during the flare but usually manage to keep it level. Now as soon as my two main landing gear touch the runway they force the front down and then the craft begins to roll over onto the wings and into the ground, destroying everything inbetween. At first i thought this was because i have the wheels too close and no drogue chute, so i added them (realchutes mod). I have tweakscaled the rear gears so they have good clearance aswell. Now i am at a loss as to how to prevent myself from crashing every time. I basically need touchdown to be more forgiving. I try to minimize vertical speed as much as i can but it almost never seems to be enough, then if i do it squirms on the runway. I guess my main question is that can i edit the suspension values to give myself a softer landing on the gears to reduce the load and cushion myself slightly? Also are there any mods that can autoland a glider onto the runway taking into account the parameters from when you turn the autopilot on. Mechjeb always nosedives me into the ground. Any help on this would be massive as i have read many thread trying to solve my problem. I am using FAR as well.
  15. Hi there, I am having trouble adding tweak scale to these two parts, could you help please? I want to make them free scaleable so i an fit slightly bigger parts in them. For some reason the code isnt allowing me to right click in the editor. Thanks