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  1. I already made a small tour on the side of the log and no mod error well recognized ... Edit: problem solve stage recovery enter in conflict with PhysicsRangeExtender for BdArmory.
  2. Hi all I need a little help. I play on KSP 1.4.2 in career mod with "stage recovery" and "real chute" the problem is that stage recovery does not work ... No message or recovery error. Will it come from real fall or misconfiguration on my part? thanks in advance.
  3. kerbalism it's a great mod but delete the communication bar at the top left it's bad
  4. ohhh ok thank you ^^ And it's compatible with remote tech mod ?
  5. Hi just a question, why this mod broken the comm in game ? I no longer have the communication bar at the top left with this mod in KSP 1.3 Thanks
  6. Hi, the stage recovery don't work actually with ksp 1.3 ?
  7. hi, it's possible to change the key mapping? for me "TAB" creat problem... Thank you
  8. ok ... but the problem is that there is no soil and flat ceiling ... only with tank is a shame ...
  9. hi, ok thank you for your answer. If you need help with 3d makes me know ... I'm a beginner, but maybe I can help;)
  10. hi, I have a little problem ... how to make wall and floor on the "modular allway" thank you in advance;)
  11. Hi, super mod;) but I have the same problem as boamere. on the rocket "Kerbal X" the window opens to 15k but activating all alarms you realize that 15k is an active alarm liquidfuel. hoping that it can help you solve the problem;) If you want to discuss more I can give you my skype Bye sorry for my English;)
  12. hi toadicus, sorry for my English. I have a small question. We can no longer have the detail for each motor, floor by floor? and on different planets? Thank you in advance.