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  1. i do it with this steps, i dont remember the texts of mechjeb for exactly; 1 of course always choose target in map mode(for example spacecraftA in orbit of 500 km) 2 at launchpad you choose "launch for rendezvouz target"(lowest button) then mechjeb will autowarp to best launch time for rendezvouz spacecraft A, its best with about 20 km differene, so launch to 480-530 km. 3 if in orbit, click on rendezvouz target. set it to 20-40 meter instead of 100 meter. then just wait, it will take a few rocketburns to reach. 4 if close spacecraft A, switch your dockingport as pilot. also change target: one of the docking ports of spacecraft A which you wish to connect. absolute essential is RCS for steering and docking, othwerwise you cannot dock.
  2. nice mod, trying out this soon after watching walking dead. scooping robot arm for taking sample of surface would be a nice addition. about that camera things, its a very good idea hope that in future ksp have a newspapers. (first landing on mun or somethings) with pictures you took. buzz aldrin race into space old game is one of inspirations of KSP, they had a great newspaper system.
  3. a great stress test i used 4x grappling hook to stabilize my platform with robotic arm( to push against the ground) and pushed more harder, even the platform remains on the ground. grappling hooks is a great tool!!!! sending this to my mun base!
  4. started a kethane and mix base right lander is a simple light driller(2x driller) left lander is convertor and power distributor with large batteries small rover with container is for making struts,pipes and some stuffs, also for driving around megarover is for placing stuffs in future i will place a central command center with habitats in the middle of all landers.
  5. With this mod possibles is endless!!! thank you!!! this mod made me plays KSP much more more often. I have a few questions and some suggestion and maybe found a bug/troubles; question1. if I use more then 2 survey for satelitte then its 2 times faster scanning ?(not tested yet) with only one survey it take so long to scan a half moon, even on a best speed. compared of sizes with earth and moon,i think there is too much kethane grid-tiles map on the mun. (how smaller planet/moon how tiles should be bigger too) 2. question/trouble.(see picture, I was connecting all pipes) When I let landed a lander with 4 inflatable farms(bobcat) beside my new kethane-base. after connecting with pipes I realized that it is wobbling and not standing still, so i was going back to VAB to build something for Central Command Mun Center with stuffs as with radial connectors with 4x grappling hooks for stabilization. I switched back to my rover on mun, then suddenly really everything big bang exploded after one second. I suspected pipes is explosion chain-able? it was funny, it was raining all parts. It was not a trouble, luckily I already quicksaved before farms-hub landing. I can continue with my a great plan with mun base. 3. a great suggestion; Bigger "pipes" and pylons! just with other function, as a inflatable docking ports/tunnel. so kerbals can walk between crafts(roleplay and just a fashion, as long we cannot move free into IVA). edit; HINT after reading some replys. you dont need to reboot KSP for attach bug. just reload gamescene! (switch back to space center, then go back, then attach and some bugs is gone) it happens every time after succesful landing, then that attach bug came. so after now I always switch back to space center after a landing.
  6. I tested it fully, into my default KSP with other mods I am not happy with it..... maybe totally redesign needed.... because i want that my model can work together with other mods. I need a lot bigger skycrane then normal with other pods. I see that as a problem. but what a beautiful screenshot! (see earth/moon in background) I cannot mount fueltanks on sides of my pod because its already occupied by landing legs.... like as this, is good model. so I have to remodel it from square to six corners or round. example
  7. uhh just with blender? (export dae file) but if i want airlock and internals, i am forced to use unity3d
  8. dont have problem with textures. have problem with adding gameobject+script. (for airlock) something with errors...... keep getting that after a lot tutorials.
  9. my model is hole, so it can for inside but i want to model interiors and make space smaller too otherwise it looks too uncomplete and baldy. i dont have succees with unity+parttools even with 10 other tutorials. can anyone add airlock for me?
  10. indeed i know that guy had made a tutorial on his project thread but that tutorial is gone or moved??? have to look elsewhere or i was too tired. yesterday, deep in night again, i borrowed his internal into my model. it works fine, also conlusion is that its seperate model, so i dont need to remodel/retexture my project phew..... starting now to use parttools, hope i dont get so confused as in the start of my project. (parttools didnt work in unity for me before) if airlock is done then i begin with my own internal cockpit or release it as beta version. also a lot people say sketchup is useless for modding KSP, but its very useful. with SU you can model very fast and easy but you have to use blender or other softwares for UV unwrap. also found thousands interesting space models into 3dwarehouse(sketchup) for lazy people, but SU have very low learning curve compared with 3dsmax/blender so everyone in this forum can mod too my next project will be a big HABIT with 2 or 3 floors or a greenhouse with animation, when on surface it can expand as accerdeon.
  11. node attach works perfectly, even in one millimeters how i did that? just math and no blender no sketchup. i am going to test it in my orginal KSP with other mods. GOING TO MOON.
  12. to make internal cockpit yes. also anything about parttools I see that parttools only works in unity3d? also i need to make airlock a real airlock that kerbals can EVA from there. but how? still know nothing. is that information into dae file or into cfg file? I really fear that i have to model and texture all over again. I hope not. cross fingers, otherwise i cry about wasting a lot hours and be crazy arrghhhhh
  13. texturework is ready!! now have to find out how node attach works! anyone want to adopt my model? (join "space company") anyone know a good name for my manned pod?
  14. looks good! what is bad then? in KSP game you dont see that roof imperfection. also it looks big, its more 4 manned pod. or airlock is too big. dont stop this project !
  15. looks good! looks very fast.
  16. finally!!!! wasted a lot time with texturing with sketchup, blender dont import so good. also the problem was transparancy while UV wrapping. i had to set oppicaty to 1. default is 0.10 oppacity. lol. DUHH eated a lot hours with solving wrong problems. I did made a little changes, flatten windows and symetrical. -now only texturework with photoshop! (can learn it fast) -and then make attach green spheres good(search tutorial, think is easy) -then internal cockpit!! (is it right that internal cockpit is only possible with unity3d?) picture
  17. edit mode-> select all faces(pressing A) -> unwrap uv (then i see result but no textures on it, only lines, is it good?) -> all faces selected by pressing A in uvmap window(lines become orange)->clicked on image/open image. but why import image? blender should make UV image by itself(export)?? but ok, downloaded metal texture from google. opened it. indeed isee texture on it. pressed P in 3dview. then its still all normal without that downloaded metaltexture from google. but i want to use existing texture on my 3d, only have 3 simple materials. white,blue(glass), black, exported in UVmap in the right way instead of 1 texture for whole model.... tested it in KSP, it works better because there is no cloaking klingon camouflage but windows dont have texture applied... I think i have to rebuild my model with other window without depth. picture
  18. i used blender, a very UN-intuitively program. i see that after unwrap there is no texture on unwrap window, but it do export texture. i made just a box from sketchup; on two sides a carpettexture and other one side a window, it gave a same problem. I am going give unity a tryout! at least its more intuitively program. also try material shader advice. thanks for helps!
  19. finally i got it into KSP with no error reports!!! but....there is something missing about ?textures? i made a klingon cloak ship? lol have to stop now because its night and have to sleep!!
  20. IndexOutOfRangeException: Array index is out of range. at PartLoader.TangentSolver (UnityEngine.Mesh mesh) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at PartLoader.CalculateMeshTangents (UnityEngine.GameObject[] models) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at PartLoader.processGameObjects (UnityEngine.GameObject[] models) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at PartLoader.doProcessPart (UnityEngine.GameObject[] mdls, Boolean partLabMode) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at PartLoader.startPartAssemblyAndSave (UnityEngine.GameObject[] mdls) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at FileIO.Loaded (Boolean success) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at DAE+.MoveNext () [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 that is what i got in error report so there is something wrong with names? (edit; filename unknown in every text, there is something wrong with copy/paste)
  21. help my brains exploding! part.cfg-ready model-ready collision mesh-ready parttools 0.16 - have it but no idea how it works in unity3d but loaded it(?) sketchup can export to .dae or .kbz(for unity only or do KSP accept kbz files?) I would be very grateful if I can get a little assistance. have sketchup/blender/unity. -no textures needed yet -no internal cockpit needed yet -just a simple dump my model into KSP. how to port it to .dae from unity3d? my unity looks a bit different then youtube videos and bad readable. I cannot listen to voice because I am deaf.
  22. do anyone know a good alternative tutorial for modding commandpod?
  23. I am trying to make my own mod but it is my first time and pretty still unknown about how it implent into KSP and a bit confusing to me. an multipropose capsule for all uses; landing module, spacestation, rover or whatever. I polished so much until I am satifsed, not ready yet. picture
  24. how is it going? any update? if you need help, i can help you. I am currently designing a multiple purpose pod too, at last i see it see a lot like as your creation
  25. fantastic mod but only the legs is too short, not really useful when your creation have a rocket under it.